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  1. So to update you all The date went well. He kept doing this weird thing where he would playfully poke me. I'm not sure there was an overwhelming amount of attraction on my end, but I'm giving it a chance He's really smart and funny . Thanks for all the advice!
  2. It will be LAM for tonight for sure. I'm not totally sure about my dosage but I've read around on the forum and think I'll go with a shared swipe to my wrists, one swipe to cleavage and a shared swipe to my inner elbows.
  3. Hi All! Thanks for all the advice. Don't worry though, I'm not trying to be someone I'm not As an INFJ being extroverted sometimes IS part of my personality. I tend to act as an extrovert when there aren't any around and someone needs to get things going *grin* so I viewed using Popularity Potion as just accentuating that part of me-like wearing eyeliner to accentuate my eyes. I definitely am always myself on dates-to a fault actually. I'm definitely getting some La Femme though! Too many good reviews to pass it up .
  4. @ LadyVictoria Goddess of the Blue Moon enhanced with La Femme is going on my list for next month FOR SURE!
  5. Haha I'm so amped for this date I would if I could, but it's tomorrow. I'll have to make do
  6. It's looking like Purple Puff will be it. I'll probably save Lady Catalina for when I have to meet his friends or something heh. Thanks everyone!
  7. So here's the thing; he has declared that he is very extroverted that's why I wanted Darling Catalina with PP -he likes outgoing people. I'm and INFJ (if you're familiar with Myers-Briggs) so I'm an introvert who can act like an extrovert when necessary. I love the way Purple Puff smells (though I have yet to have any hits wearing it). Would it be a bad to wear both?
  8. Hi All, So I have a date I'm really excited about tomorrow. We've had amazing written and phone convos for a little over a week. Usually I don't wait this long to meet in person (because expectations get too raised) but it couldn't be helped because he got sick and we had to postpone. I have no worries about us having problems interacting, but I want to have a little extra oomph for the physical attraction bit. The delay may have worked in my favor because I got some new samples in the mail (thanks Mara!). I am leaning towards Purple Puff and Darling Catalina enhanced with PP. This is what I've got: Pheros: Purple Puff Darling Catalina w/PP Sexology III Compromising Positions w/Sexpionage Instant Sexiness (B I think) from Androtics. Others: Somebody to Love Moon of the Falling Leaves Suggestions?
  9. I got a sample of this with my Purple Puff order and it is lovely. I definitely get fruity notes but also on my skin it smells a bit like baby powder. Makes me think of innocence
  10. Hi All, So I ordered Purple Puff and it arrived really promptly with some lovely samples (I'll post reviews on those separately). I thought I would love Purple Puff based solely on the description and the reviews and I'm happy to say that I haven't been disappointed. The fragrance is divine. On my skin the vanilla is very pronounced and there is a sweet smell like roasted marshmallows and a hint of lavender. In my post in the Welcome section I did mention that I got it because I'm in the dating pool and I wanted to see if this gave me some sort of an edge. I've worn it twice in social settings; once to go dancing and another when out with friends. On both occasions I noticed that people were very social. It seemed to me that they were more open and friendly than usual. I'm not 100% sure that I can attribute this to the pheros because people somehow generally do want to tell me about themselves. I haven't gotten any overt "hits" and maybe this just isn't the one to do that for me, but I love it and will continue to update this thread with my adventures while wearing it.
  11. I got my package! Mara also included some samples (thank you!) so I'm off to read about them. Don't think I will use Purple Puff today because I'm hanging out with guys I just want to be friends with (don't want to send mixed signals heh). I sprayed a bit on a strip of paper I had lying around and I love the way it smells! Definitely smelling the vanilla, it's just delicious!
  12. Ooh! Thanks all for the suggestions; I'm going to have to look all of those up. I got my package mailing notice! I'm so excited. Really wish I had it for tonight so I could experiment. Prime opportunity because I'm going out dancing! I'll have to arrange some opportunities to try out my new scent next week :lol @Raq On-yup, I like to be upbeat and c'mon, the two months of amazing weather really do make up for the grey months. Just look at the smiles on everyone's faces! @teacozy, your coworkers must love you! I know I would
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