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    I love scrapbooking, playing Texas Hold'em, dancing the night away, cookie and cake baking, don't know how to swim but I love the sea!
    I'm into all things vintage, I am a perfume junkie and think sleeping takes away too much time...
    Love reading,love my Mexican culture, its literature and I love my country too!
    I hate that I like smoking and drinking, that I'm messy and that most of the time I'm technologically challenged.

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  1. LoL! Eggers I hope he applies it on you, hehe, let us know how it goes....My BF also likes tarty LPs the most...even more than the vanilla-y ones...
  2. Thank you Mara & John! My package is already here, but I won't have it in my hands until Friday, when my Bf brings it over to me...But as always thank you for everything guys!!!
  3. Tangy Tart is so far the tartest LP I´ve tried and the initial blast of tartness reminds me so much of Mamelons de Cerise! They are not very similar, but they have a similar vibe and the tangy-tarty bite they share is awesome... TT smells like raspberry/strawberry lemonade…I get no licorice, lettuce or brown sugar. This potion feels like bathing in a tub of lemonade with nicely cut pieces of strawberry and raspberry floating around…The lemon is refreshing and perfect for summer! I love how Mara blended this, and it is more of a citrus scent than a fruity scent. The only downside is tha
  4. Hey Katz! I have EoW, I´ll try them and see how they work out together, and get back to you....But UN Lace I think it would cover it perfectly well... I forgot to say this on my description, but P&E goes a long way, it lasts for a long time on me and I love its nice difussion....
  5. Passion & Envy This fragrance will make others passionately green with envy! It's been said that the deepest emotions are always the ones which clash hardest. Love and hate, joy and sorrow...and to this we add a new combination, with our scented tribute to emotional delirium of the most extravagant kind! A desirable heart of passionfruit and a peaches-and-cream accord is provoked with a whisper of tangy baby pink roses and a tart slap of green linden and lime EOs. It's High Drama, it's All or Nothing, it's Passion and Envy...so wear it very carefully indeed... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. Mara & John and all the lovely LP Team, you are the best...this sampler got here super fast! Unbelievably fast, thanks a ton guys for all the extra freebies!
  7. This is a quickie review, but I get tons of pinneaple, and joyful bursts of mandarine and grapefruit! The honey is what makes it a grown up fruity scent, like it grounds the fruity notes but it still lets them shine!....I will review it properly later on, but I wanted to let others know I do regret getting this one without Cops, so those of you who haven´t ordered yet, get it with Cops.... Dolly, your PE is awesome! I agree with Luna that this one would go great paired with Cougar....
  8. Thank you sweetie! And congrats on your new LP rank!
  9. Hey Syn honey!! I have a question for you...I´m sorry to threadjack here, I you´d like you can answer in my journal. I'm stuck with translating ¨musk vodka¨ as a scent note/accord. I read it is plain vodka flavored with musk sticks or musk candy. I read online that this type of candy is not well known in the US and is very popular in Australia. So my question is, if you have tried this candy, do you know if it does actually taste like flavored/fragrant musk? I need to understand what it is in English so I can translate it into Spanish, thanks a ton dear!
  10. Thanks QG, Syn and AC for explaining! Saying Mr. Mxyzptlk backwards? Jajajaja... Congrats to everyone else who´s ranking up!
  11. I'm Mr Mxyzptlk....who is that? Anyways I'm a happeee Mr Mxyzptlk!
  12. Oooh, I want some Ravaged action too!! I'm getting a vial in the monthly sampler, but I ordered a FB of your awesome PE Dolly (I saw there are not many bottles left so I went for it!), but without Cops, do you add your EoW with a pipette? I have a bottle of EoW....
  13. Thanks Elizabeth! I had some b-day carrot cake, so I can't wait for Alien Cake, yum-yum...
  14. Ok, so I just placed a well-deserved happy b-day LP order, I've worked really hard and I deserve to give myself some LP love....I was planning on getting other LPs but the PEs got in my way and I will have to wait to get me some Night of Delight...I got all the musks in the small size, yesss I love musks! I got my beloved Fleur de Vanille, Portmanteau, Alien Cake, Dolly's Hot and Sticky, Agua Fresca and I couldn't resist to Tyvey's latest PE, it's the one I'm most excited about! And I got me Pink Vanillamint and Tropical Cupcake PEs too, my monthly freebies are Enchanted Wonderland and Velvet
  15. Hey Beccah! I agree with Lady V...this guy is kind of slow, I mean he did know exactly what you meant when you said that, it is not a common expression in Spanish, but I think it was rude of him to say ''uhh no''. ''Dile que extraño su cara'' is not common in colloquial Spanish, but the meaning of this expression is perfectly understandable even to Spanish speakers who understand English basics. It's just that English is more technical and Spanish is more dramatic and poetic, and ''extraño su cara'' sounds very poetic. Really Beccah, don't mind this guy.... no faux pas here, you were just
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