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Hello everyone,


I was wondering about the ghosting effect. In case I overdo the pheros/cops and apply too much...I may become a ghost to other people, I understand that. But during the day, when the cops are wearing off, I might get into the right amount, even the sweet spot, right?...is my theory correct? Please share your opinions. Thanks :)

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Well, in theory, that COULD happen. But you would also have to consider what medium you are using......alcohol base burns off quicker, oils burn off very slowly. If you live in a warm climate, pheros burn off faster than in cold climates. You would also need to factor in activity level, and even WHERE you are applying.......if you apply to clothes or hair, NOT going anywhere! OH, and never put heavily copped blends in your hair......HELL to get out!


If you are applying an oil-based Unscented blend, or a phero-enhanced scent in the oil, the pheros should last a good 6 hours on your skin, without needing to re-apply.....UNLESS you live in a very hot climate, or accidentally wash them off, etc.


I know it is not a simple answer, but over the 12+ years that I have been using them, I have learned that there are no simple answers!!

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Too much pheromone vs. Pheromone enhancer


I've learned that too much pheromones can cause

ghosting. Does the same apply to pheromone enhancers?


There are different pheromone enhancers.
-Body lotion under pheromone
-Iso E Super Spray / Oil under / next to the pheromone app
-Pheromone Combo with a pheromone booster like

 Core from Apex or P79 from Androdica.



Is the much of pheromones the same like Pheromone enhancer

or can I use the Pheromon Enhancer with my Pheromone?

I havent understand the work of Pheromon enhancer.




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