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Touchdown vs top dog??


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Hi everyone! I am trying to decide between the two above, the BF and I have a trial of touchdown and we like it. But top dog also sounds pretty nice and there were very few reviews of how it worked on skin other than not-floral. Through a little experimenting tonight, we determined that the BF likes stronger scents but is not picky. I guess it would boil down to which one is the best carrier for MVP OR which one has a stronger, longer lasting scent?

Thanks! :)


ETA: MEH, I initially thought there was no review for top dog, so after posting here in the phero fragrance review section (so as to make a pseudo-review for top dog) I scrolled and found it. Please move to general men's forum if that's where this thread belongs... so sorry!!

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Sorry for the delay - I kinda prefer Touchdown - esp. after it dries down. A very deep, rich scent.

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I would depend on what he likes. They are pretty different. Touchdown is a fine mans scent. Its more Cologney. (trying not to use the word perfume)


Top Dog is fresh, crisp and clean.

It's a clean and soapy scent. Most people would guess he was not wearing Cologne. Freshly washed man skin.

I like a clean scent that doesn't make my nose tingle. This was very popular here. :)

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Yes - it is more subdued - almost not a scent - more like a clean crisp scent - very work friendly of course - but you guys seemed to like the stronger scents.

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