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This is going to be a horrible review (if you could even call it that) because I don't quite have the best words to describe this yet, but the long and short is that I LOVE IT. Another one that's blended so well that the individual notes just make a feeling. Poised and soft, this is an introverted woman with enormous power who's slipped away midday to take a walk alone through a cactus garden in the early summer sun. She's taking a moment to gather the inner resources she needs so she can turn back around and masterfully be the person the adoring public expects her to be. This scent is an olfactory photograph of that moment - bright bright sun, dry air, blue sky, the sweet oiliness of clean flesh, strange blossoms and a gravel path, self-confidence and conviction, the fabric on a freshly pressed suit. If you've ever been to the Desert Garden in San Diego, that is my happy place and that's where this takes me. Love! Please be permanent!!

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