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Angie's Aster


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Angie's scents are a related pair, variants on a theme, the first is more daylight, the second, deeper and sexier. Aster is named not for the flower, but is a name she recalls having in a previous life. Crafted of Amber EO, Lily of the Valley, Hedione and Black Tea. A resinous scent with a whisp of fresh air floral moving though.

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Angie's Aster is sublime. The scent is strong but soft and powdery with a barely there hint of cleanliness. I do not know the individual scents to pick them out but they are absolutely beautiful together. For some reason it reminds me of parma violet sweets




I can't wait to try this on to see how it transforms and melds to my body ...

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In this one, I think the amber and lily are making this really deep on me, because I don't get an airy sense like one would assume based on the notes. Like Helio it has an inherent sophistication and is rather perfume-y on me.

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