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  1. I have found with cops that sometimes there is a delay between putting it on and getting the response; sometimes as long as 24 hours, that is after I have gone to bed and woken up again (even with a shower). But I always feel good with the cops ...
  2. Wolf Dreaming


    Hi @Circe; welcome to the forum; it is a lovely place to be and I look forward to hearing your stories and experiences, whatever the topic may happen to be!
  3. Welcome @stormyweather21 : I have no set way that I use trials ... I tend to put on a little bit to begin with and then add more as and when I want to or feel the need to. Like oceanjewel mentioned above, sometimes I use my finger and then sometimes I just sweep the vial around my ... I have found both to be effective depending on how I am feeling. I have also found that just having fun and experimenting with lots of different ways of using the LP's is the best way to go. Also, remember to start off with "a little is best" attitude - then just amp it up as you go along if you feel the need to do so ... and trial sizes are brilliant to carry along with you and reapply if you feel "the calling"!
  4. I like warm weather but not scorching because I freckle and burn! Have a great day ?
  5. Welcome @Fang; I love your name and picture! I am wearing a beanie and mittens which my mom knitted for me because it is chilly where I am !
  6. Welcome Vicki Lee, this is a great forum and the perfumes and phero's are amazing. Have fun with your trials ...
  7. I received my package! So quoting Halo, "SQUEEEEE!!!" I have had a quick sniff of most of the vials but need to get going into work ... and eat lunch because I am so hungry!
  8. Oh my gosh! I have just bought 2x threebies to get 2 bottles of Totem: Raccoon. It was love at first sniff (and 2nd and 3rd and 4th ... sniff). So yummy!
  9. This is delicious! I get the strong passionfruit and peach-grapefruit notes coming out strong on me. I am finding that I am loving the fruity scents. This is fabulous for long summer days ...
  10. I wore 2 drops of girl / girl from the pherotine dropper to my first day back at work today and I had both my female managers coming up and giving me hugs ?. All the women were extra nice and I felt good - I was relaxed and laughing. Earlier in the day when I had not opened my delivery I felt anxious around everyone. So I really felt the effects on myself and in others reactions to me.
  11. I finally picked up my package from work today with my pherotines - and I had some lovely gifts in my package - thank you ?.
  12. The labels and names are so beautiful and mysterious. The colours are so vibrant. So excited to find out about the notes and stories behind them ?
  13. Hi Melisse, I find that a "sneak attack ? " is the best with my man. He would totally over-ride every sensation on offer if he was aware that it was happening at an orchestrated level ! Do not underestimate the capacity for people to purposely blank things out because they don't believe it works or they don't want it to work !
  14. The forum looks amazing, I agree with everyone that the colour scheme and design is striking. Good job background faery elves!
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