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The dry, serene and mellow scent of the harvest season – sweet dried grasses and herbs, wheat, hay, oats and more – reminiscent of the arid Autumn landscape of America’s Heartland.  


The goal for this scent was pure Americana. To bring forth an image of the natural, wholesome-but-sexy innocence of the iconic midwestern farmgirl. Refreshingly beautiful for it's natural-ness on the one hand...and inspiring a roll-in-the-hayloft on the other.

Heartland is a very "dry" smelling scent; midwestern crops during harvest season, getting ready to be stored for the winter. Dry herbs, earth, grains and grasses. An unsually lovely scent, not typically experienced in a perfume... unless it's the true scent of that sweet little country gal with a few tell-tale bits of hay in her hair. ;) Good grief! It's getting cold out, I hope she's not chilly.


Magickal Properties include fertility, prosperity, abundance, serenity and love.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art:

October 2007


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