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There is a popular (and reportedly quite effective) spell for attracting one's dream mate: A person writes down all of the qualities he or she is looking for in a mate - then anoints the parchment with a special perfume potion and then burns the parchment and scatters the ashes to the winds - thereby sharing the request with the energies of the universe and enlisting their aid to draw the dream mate to the spell caster. The same potion used in the spell is then worn for a length of time while the spell caster is required to accept all invitations to socialize, and hopefully the fated couple will then meet.


The perfume potion in question, however, was never specified, so back in the early 1990's I took it upon myself to create one - using ingredients designed to help matters along, including: Vanilla ~ an aphrodisiac which inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal and lust. Neroli ~ a sensual stimulant that quells apprehension and anxiety, and encourages a shy lover. Orange Blossoms ~ which are a strong "magnet" to attract men, and also symbolize eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness. Cotton Blossoms ~ for luck, healing and return of lost love. And a hint of Chocolate, for lightening emotions and evoking feelings of love. It smells dreamy and captivating, just as it should.


Magical Properties: Aphrodisiac, and Spell Oil to attract one's perfect mate.
Prominent Notes: Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Neroli and more...


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox

Created in 1997, online debut: 2004


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