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Melissa's Second Spark


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Melissa was missing her old favorite, Spark in the Dark. Spark was released 6 years ago, so no chance of any of the same ingredients, but I crafted something reminiscent using a paring of sweet ambers and fruity musks, with smidgens of cedar and patchouli, and a sprinkling of white sugar on top. It's a sultry musky scent that's perfect for warmer months.

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This is so perfect for my needs right now! It’s soft and musky, lays close to the skin, and lasts for hours. I’m limited to what I can wear at work, but this is perfect. 

I remember Spark in the Dark. It was a bit different, not as smooth as this version. I always wavered on getting a bottle. I’m glad I have a bottle of this one!

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Even though there can't be a true resemblance to the inspiration in this case, I decided to compare them anyway.  Granted, Spark in the Dark has had a lot of time to age, so there's that consideration too.


I get a definite musky-woody-resiny mix with Second Spark, whereas Spark is powdery-smooth and sheer.  Second Spark is somewhat more "sticky" you might say, although I think this could be unisex because it's not really sweet on me at all.  It's a lighter-toned way to wear cedar, that's the primary impression I get from it.

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