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  1. I just ordered a couple of the Quintessence sprays, and a trial of Lilu. My sniffer is still messed up because of Covid, so I’m leery of buying perfumes right now 😏
  2. Bella15

    Soul Cakes

    When I put this on, I first thought of Scotchies! Then as it dried down, it was more reminiscent of Animal Crackers. I love both of those, so this is a total win for me!
  3. When this was wet on my skin, I could pick out more notes, esp the chocolate! But it dried down to a yummy marshmallow, with pumpkin wafts - 😋
  4. I always love Flying Potion! Marshmallow, a bit of licorice, and a bit of spice - so pretty, and it lasts a long time in my skin!
  5. Blue Smoke was one of my faves. I still have a little bit of it. Mr Perfect wears Black Fyre sometimes, but it’s not my favorite. I actually hid it from him awhile back, lol. This is very interesting. I didn’t remember to shake it before I tried it, so I will give it another go soon. I’m getting a lot of blueberry, a little smoke and musk. It’s nice but I’ll stick with my Blue Smoke
  6. Bella15

    Aqua Tofana

    Ermahgerd.. I wasn’t expecting to like this one so much 😍 It’s very fresh, with a coolness that reminds me of Gargoyle Gargle or Morning Star. The licorice is what draws me in, because I’m a licorice ‘ho. I can’t stop sniffing my wrist!! It’s fresh and spicy and a little sweet, and so amazing!!
  7. Bella15

    Platelet Punch

    I’m not a berry girl, but this is very pretty. I get all the berries, and the tea, but not really any white chocolate. The amber keeps it grounded and smooth.
  8. I like this one! The lavender kind of reminds me of ... I can’t think of it now, but it was an older LP. It’s got that camphor-y feel to it. And I get the opposite of@Kayla, I get the lavender up close, and the pumpkin wafts from arm length, so it feels like awesome Halloween magick!
  9. Definitely agree with @Eastwood22, this would be droolworthy on a guy. I like it on me, but it’s probably not one I would wear often. The leaves and pumpkin spice are simply perfect! The tobacco is prominent, but not overpowering. I will get Mr Perfect to try it soon
  10. Can’t wait to get a sampler and sniff these!! (Just FYI, the label for Platelet Punch is missing one of the E’s)
  11. This is GORGEOUS! I love it on me, but I can’t wait to try it on Mr Perfect, too. It’s smooth and understated-sexy. Deep without being dark. If he likes it, I may get us a bottle to share.
  12. This one is the surprise hit of the bunch for me. I always thought I hated the smell of lilies. But stargazer lily is spicy! This perfume is soooo pretty. I couldn’t stop smelling my arm – I’d definitely like to have a bottle!
  13. (adding the description because from reading the notes above, I didn't remember that it had the ozone accord) I can't get any honey from this, or musk. On my arm, it's mostly honeysuckle and a tiny bit of blackberry. I do get the rain & ozone, it makes it a little sharp. Perhaps after drydown, it will even out a bit more.
  14. Mmmm... I can't wait to smell this on Mr Perfect! I do think it might be too masculine for me to wear, but I love smelling it! It's such a unique scent - the green notes with the spicy tobacco, and the aquatic/ozone vibe. It's got a lot going on, but it still works.
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