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Come join us on the nightside of the tropics...a sensual experience awaits you in this simple yet beautiful blending of pineapple, amber, orchid and musk. Romantic and sultry, perfect for the next time you turn up the heat on a long summer night…


PINEAPPLE ~ Draws money and luck; protection.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.
ORCHID ~ Strong love symbol; beauty, refinement, fertility, creativity, psychic powers.
MUSK ~ Self confidence and strength, sexual attractant, heightens passions and arousal.


Created by: Mara Fox

Name: John (Le Wizard)

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

July 2014


Review Thread


Travel the World magazine had finally granted me the much-coveted "Dream Vacation" column and sent me to the incredibly expensive all-inclusive Mare Meridien resort in the South Pacific. Built on an island owned by a consortium of famous musicians the world over, one of the reasons it was such a desired destination had to do with its provenance: musicians were known to fly in and give exclusive performances and then avail themselves of some tropical downtime on the house. So as I wandered the palatial grounds, enjoyed all the amenities including the five-star restaurant and luxurious full-service spa, I wondered who might be dropping by to rock the house.


One afternoon on my way out to play tennis, I spied a very tall dark handsome figure surrounded by an entourage entering the lobby. It was somewhat difficult to tell behind the sunglasses but the thick wavy hair which brushed the collar of his couture black blazer was perhaps enough of a giveaway. Whispers of "Is that who I think it is?" followed him as he stopped by the front desk and then the group was escorted to the special elevator for the VIP suite at the very top of the main hotel. I hadn't been allowed to view it, but I'd heard it took up the entire floor. My reporter's acumen lead me to approach the concierge, sidling up to him with my most charming smile.


"Is that the Maestro?" I asked breathlessly.


He gave me the slightest of nods. "Yes mademoiselle, it is he." He was a very strict and proper man, always standing ramrod-straight, his accent difficult to place but bearing traces of old world sophistication.


"Does this mean -" I began but he cut me off with a raised palm.


"I'm sorry, I cannot say any more," he replied curtly, then softened. I think he liked me. Intrepid travel reporters like myself know it's important to get on the good side of the concierge. "I will tell you that you should attend the nightclub every evening."


"Every night?" I asked, just to be sure I was understanding him correctly.


He smiled. "Yes. Just so you do not miss anything."


And so every evening I was there at The Hot Spot, the nightclub which offered music and dancing from sunset till sunrise for those who enjoying a bit of carousing. There was an intimate little room just off the entrance where I was sure that if the Maestro was going to appear, it would be there. The stage was small, but the feel of the room was perfect for serious music lovers. A few days later as I enjoyed one of the brightly-colored fruity concoctions from Esteban the bartender, clad in a flowered silk sarong and gilded sandals with an orchid adorning my decolletage, the trad-jazz combo which had been playing for a few hours brought their current tune to a quick close and the singer addressed the audience. I glanced at my watch, it was just after midnight.


"There's a guy here who wanted to sit in, so we thought we'd give him a go. You might have heard of him…"


Applause clattered like a rainshower as the Maestro entered and stepped up on the stage, clad in his customary black, taking a seat at the piano. He flashed us one of his famous shiny smiles - which in part made him a heartthrob in the classical music set - and spoke briefly to the other musicians. The anticipatory silence of the room was so absolute I could hear my heartbeat thudding in my ears. He began with a solo piano overture, I could not place the piece but it was brash and yet melodic, and it also included a distinct rhythm for two dancers whose affection for one another was dramatic and dynamic, yet also sensual and romantic. I immediately began taking notes on a cocktail napkin but I was too moved, drawn into the world he created with his artistry, to make any sense of my impressions. His attractive face, lean body, and masterful hands possessed me as utterly to view them as the music he played...a seduction complete in its execution. After a few minutes the band came in behind him and the sound lifted us up and carried us away...it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard.


He played for hours, he took requests, he joked with us, his enthralled audience, and let us buy him drinks. He told us that yes, that first piece was a new composition and he hoped we liked it. He too had been inspired by the beauty and romance of this place and wanted to express it in sound. We applauded till our hands ached to respond in the affirmative. And then he was gone, disappearing as quickly as he had appeared, and we wandered out into the coming dawn, our ears still full of his magic and mystery.

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