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Experimenting and list of good combos

Vixy mixy

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Not sure where else to put this. I did a ton of experimenting yesterday and want to put this info out there. It was helpful to know which ones work best together when spiking my perfumes.


Unscented pheros I have

- Lumina

- Magnet

- Sexpionage

- Gotcha!

- Stone Cougar

- La Femme Noire

- Cuddle Bunny

- Audacious 

- Bang Bang!

- Blatant Invitation 

- Lace

- Leather


Combos that hit me

- Sexpionage + Lace

- Sexpionage + Cuddle Bunny

- Sexpionage + La Femme Noire

- Sexpionage + Cuddle Bunny + La Femme Noire

- Sexpionage + Lace + Cuddle Bunny

- Stone Cougar + Lace

- Stone Cougar + Lumina

- Stone Cougar + Lace + Lumina

- Bang Bang! + Blatant Invitation 

- Bang Bang! + La Femme Noire 

- Bang Bang! + Leather

- Bang Bang! + Audacious 

- Magnet + Lace

- Magnet + Leather

- Magnet + Lumina

- Magnet + Audacious 

- Magnet + Lace + Leather + Lumina + Audacious 

- Magnet + Lace + Lumina + Audacious 

- Magnet + Leather + Lumina + Audacious 

- Magnet + Leather + Lumina

- Magnet + Lace + Leather

- Magnet + Lace + Lumina

- Magnet + Audacious + Lumina

- Audacious + Cuddle Bunny

- Audacious + Blatant Invitation 

- Audacious + La Femme Noire 

- Audacious + Blatant Invitation + La Femme Noire 

- Lumina + Lace

- Lumina + Cuddle Bunny 

- Lumina + Blatant Invitation 

- Lumina + Leather 

- Leather + Lace

- Leather + Blatant Invitation 

- Leather + La Femme Noire 

- Leather + Lace + Blatant Invitation + La Femme Noire 

- Leather + Lace + La Femme Noire 

- Leather + Lace + Blatant Invitation 

- Leather + Blatant Invitation + La Femme Noire 

- La Femme Noire + Lace

- La Femme Noire + Gotcha! 

- Blatant Invitation + Gotcha!

- Gotcha! + Lace


My favorite mix is Audacious + Blatant Invitation + La Femme Noire and have spiked quite a few perfumes with this mix.

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@Vixy mixy You tried all of those combinations??? 😳WOW. I see a lot of Magnet, Lace, Cuddle Bunny and Audacious mixed with other blends - those simpler ones mixed with the more complex seem like a nice way to tweak a blend.


Since I’m in a Gotcha phase right now, I’m curious about how your Gotcha experiments went in comparison to just straight Gotcha?


Oh, also, if you don’t mind a suggestion, I think you should give Sexology a try. It seems like you are trying to get both sexual and emotional hits and Sexology might provide that for you. And I’m curious how it would compare to your other experiments.

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These mixes have made CB and LFN much more wearable for me. CB was doing nothing for me, personally, and LFN was magic clean everything potion, which is okay but not what I want most of the time.


Unfortunately Gotcha didn't mix well with many others for me. Gotcha with CB was almost instant migraine, and some of the others with Gotcha did start a slight headache. It's very finicky for me. I'm better off with just straight Gotcha or topping off BI (still my fave).


As for Sexology, I'll get my hands on it eventually. My experiments are simply my inability to leave well enough alone. 😂 I'm mainly curious about which mix is going to give me the feelings I want. I'm not really all that concerned about what they do or how they affect others. I already know they work on others, so now it's all about ME! 👸



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