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  1. @Eve Sneaky Clean is truly lovely. I also picked up a sample of Mahaelani with Lumina and I like it quite a bit too. The more I wear Lumina the more I think I like it - at least for the self effects. I Still haven’t been able to wear it around many men to see how it effects them. But, I think I got a hit with it yesterday at the grocery store! A guy approaching from the other direction kept looking at me and as he passed by me, he gave me a very gentlemanly nod and then directly looked in my eyes. Okay, he wasn’t particularly sparkly- eyed, but still... Have a big meeting on Friday, so I’ll try it out there and maybe I can get a better feel for how it will work on men. One more week until I see Mr. Wonderful!
  2. My order came last week - Sneaky Clean, scent wise at least, is everything I hoped it would be and more. So I have been testing it (and Lumina) out this week. I wore just one spray over the weekend - just mostly at home and running a few errands. For self effects, it reminded me of Open Windows - put me in a very good mood. But also felt different than Open Windows...idk...maybe more confidence? I tried it at work a couple of days this week - With two sprays. I can’t say that I noticed anything from other people beyond an Open Windows type reaction. But I was also only around other women and wasn’t able to experiment on any guys (and no extra cops!)...probably also need to wear more. In the Lumina thread a number of people said they had to wear four sprays/drops to get any reactions from others. So, I’ll have to keep experimenting! I also have samples of Idyllwild with Classy Dame and Goddess of the Blue Moon with La Femme Mystery to tried out...And only another week and a half until I see Mr. Wonderful again! Oh, I also gave my brother some Charisma for men - hoping he’ll report back on how it works out for him.
  3. So, I have been playing around with my sample of scented Cougar the past few days. It’s a very nice scent, but I really didn’t get any over the top “hits” with it like so many women in the review threads were reporting. For me, it felt a lot like Open Windows with a little more self confidence and a touch of the hip swing-y thing. I really did not notice anyone acting differently than if I had just worn Open Windows. Maybe it’s a dose issue- I only have a sample of it and in general I’m probably guilty of not using enough. Today I tried putting A LOT more on than normal. Still nothing too over the top though I was in a generally good mood & felt confident. I had a slight reaction from my eye doctor- he is in his early sixties, nice but married and not someone that I am interested in romantically. But towards the end of the appointment he seemed to be getting a little starry-eyed, happy and was joking/laughing with me. Nothing overly dramatic or over the top. I ordered Sneaky Clean in a spray and a pherotine of Lumina and a sample of Idyllwild with Classy Dame. So, I’m excited to get some new stuff to play with. Until those arrive, I will keep playing with scented Cougar and LP Gold with Charisma. Maybe I ‘ll even be brave enough to try Bang...
  4. @Eve. Sneaky Clean sounds great! I’m going to give it a try. It looks like Lumina has couple of other scents that it’s in as well, but Sneaky Clean sounds like a good choice. I tried the Crystal Currents with Audacious- the scent seemed a bit weak and didn’t stick around on my skin for long. Maybe I didn’t use enough. Can’t say I had many self effects either. Only odd thing was I stopped after work to do an errand and the cashier at the store reacted really negatively to me. She was pretty hostile in fact. Not sure if it was a reaction to Audacious or if it was just her personality.
  5. @Eve 😊 It certainly would be nice to get to know him better and to get him talking! I was reading the Sneaky Clean thread and it really sounds appealing! My guess is that Mr Wonderful would respond well to the clean type scents. And - maybe more importantly - I think I would like it. Also, Lumina also sounds great and I am strongly leaning toward using it at our next meeting. But definitely need to field test it first. Today I tried LP Gold with Charisma at work (no cops though). I really do not like the scent - the patchouli was way, way too strong for me. I liked it in the vial, but not so much on me. So I only used a little bit and so maybe not the best test. Anyway, the area secretary (who is normally nice to everyone) was practically following me around and being extra helpful. Also, I ran into one of the assistant directors and he was all smiles today. Maybe the pheromone...or maybe not. I don’t think Charisma is available in any other scents right now though. I did feel a bit more upbeat and happy...especially for a Tuesday.
  6. @Eve Thank you for your wisdom. Again, you have given me a lot to think about. Yes, you are right that I don’t know yet if we could build a successful romantic relationship or if he is a commitment phobic or already in a relationship or many other possibilities. If he can’t or doesn’t want to date me, I will be sad (probably really sad), but at least I will know that I gave it a chance & tried. Yes, this is the nitty-gritty of it. Thank you for the pheromone suggestions! I will read up on all of those. I have samples of LP Gold with Charisma & scented Cougar and freebie sniffies of Crystal Currants with Audacious & Rocket Fuel with Bang (which might not be appropriate- not sure). So, I guess I can at least distract myself with doing some testing/experiments...and lots of reading. I have not played with any of them yet. 😊 Cops! They sound awesome.
  7. Hi Eve! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you too. 😊 I hope to have a place where I can grow roses one day! You might be on to something here - your comments have certainly given me more to think about and a compelling alternative approach. The thing about this guy is that he has a very sparkly and a very good natured personality. He is quick to laugh and is just a lot of fun to be around. He is also quite confident and posed and very comfortable in his skin. So, if I’m understanding you correctly, I need to be able to match him and catch his attention by giving off a sparkly, approachable, confident and maybe sensual femininity vibe? And with less shy/introverted-ness. Just looked through the Lumina thread and it does sound like a vibe that he would find attractive. I’ve never tried a spray before and getting more of a phero-cloud out there also sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the cop tips - I was unsure about how to use them properly. I think I like the idea of trying some cops with him - I have a sample of Beth’s Blushing Milkmaid (Which smells great).
  8. So...the long awaited day has finally arrived and I got to see Mr. Wonderful! Overall, it was a nice meeting and I shouldn’t have anything to complain about - though it was still mostly only work discussions and still no date. I used three drops of PM and no OW with LP Pink as a cover scent (must buy a full bottle of Pink some day...). I think the three drops maybe was too many and next month I should drop back down to two and maybe should go back to using OW with it...or maybe just OW...or maybe switch up with a different pheromone? I will say, PM was doing a number on me... I’m pretty sure I was looking at him with a deer in the headlights look! I felt like I was swooning over him...I already have pretty deep feelings for this guy, but it seemed even more so this time around 🥰 - I just had to keep looking at him and I just wanted to reach out and touch him. Which of course I didn’t, but sure wanted to! And I felt a bit slow in reading him (which is never that easy for me anyway) and slow with reacting to him and I felt a bit scattered...maybe like a love sick seventh grader...🤪 I’m not completely sure what PM was doing to him - for the first part of the meeting he seemed like he was hiding his face again in a file and not looking at me. I was kind of disappointed that he wasn’t paying more attention to me, but - forgive me, I couldn’t help but to notice - I think he may have been having a...er...let’s say, physical reaction that he was trying to handle. He warmed up later in the meeting and seemed to be in good, happy mood and was joking with me a little. I was teasing him about something nice he had said - I told him he probably says that to everyone. He looked down and in a more serious tone he said that if he says something, he means it and that he doesn’t like to lie. He also wanted to make sure that I was still planning on coming back next month - which I am. He gave a a very warm, big smile with those beautiful twinkling eyes of his and happily told me to have a good rest of the day and that he would see me next month. So now it’s back to waiting for yet another month to pass. 😐 I am not sure how much longer I can go like this. Waiting a month between seeing him is kind of torturous for me. And it’s not like we even get to spend that much time together when I do see him...I really just want to be able to spend more time with him.
  9. Only a couple more days until I see Mr. Wonderful - I see him on Wednesday. But, my organization is now requiring everyone to wear masks again. I hope that masks won’t interfere too much with the pheromones! I think I am just going with PM and not use OW with it. Last time I used two drops, but I might try three this time (just worried about the masks). And trying to decide on a perfume. I just realized I have no idea what types of scents he likes. I would hate to use something only to find he hates that scent! I’m leaning toward either LP Pink or Platelet Punch as both seem to be fairly safe scent wise. So last week I played around with TH. I like it a lot. Everyone was really nice to me and friendly (Though, I should note, the area I live in was hit hard by COVID in the early days of the pandemic and I have found even without pheromones most people are much nicer to other people than in the past). So, unlike with H&S, people were not overly chatty but instead lead to meaningful conversations. Also I did not notice people giving me the infatuated look like with H&S. There is a time place for that, but sometimes that’s just not what I ‘m looking for.
  10. Thanks, Dolphindolls2! You reminded me that I need to experiment with TH some more. I liked how it worked at last week’s networking event. Definitely need to play with this one some more!
  11. So, still two more weeks until I see Mr. Wonderful again. In the meantime, to keep myself distracted and entertained, I have been experimenting with H&S and OW. Last week, I wore H&S to another work event. That particular day, I had dropped off my car before work at my local auto shop - I have been going there for years, so I stopped to talk to the shop manager and he promised to have the car ready when I finished work. Well, when I got there after work, the car was ready, but he told me he was throwing in a bunch of freebies: a free oil change, free new windshield wipers, and he readjusted my brakes for free! 🤔 I’m not saying it was the H&S, but it does make me wonder! I also wore OW with my brother & his wife. We always get along just fine, but we had an extra nice time together and spent the day at a museum just having fun.
  12. This is a lovely! It smells like summer to me. I might have to buy a full bottle (if it’s still available).
  13. 🙂 Oh, that’s very sweet! Aaah, that makes A LOT of sense! I ‘ll have to remember to only wear it when I know I’m going to be around people. I think I like the sound of that! I sure hope he’s sprung! Well the hard part is going to be waiting a month. Wish I could see him more often to speed this up a bit. I will definitely keep posting updates here - I’m always wondering when I read old posts to what ended up happening. Since I have a month until I see him, I plan to continue to experiment with TH and H&S and maybe a few others, so I also post some of those experiments as well.
  14. So, just to follow up in case anyone is reading this, I went with Open Windows for my meeting with Mr. Wonderful. The meeting went well - there was not any awkwardness or stress or uneasiness (as I feared there might be). He was extremely attentive and kind to me. Also, lots of eye contact and quite a bit of emotion in his eyes, but I can’t say exactly what was going on in his head. He seemed at times like he was still under the influence of the Perfect Match. Can PM do that? Does it have a carryover effect? Or did that one dose cause some imprinting to happen? At one point when he was handing me a file, his hand gently brushed mine. I hope that is a good sign! So, we still only talked about the project and still no date. But, at one point, he carefully looked down and said that we were at a point in the project where we could extend the time between meetings to two months instead of once a month. In a very clear, careful and neutral tone (with his head down so I couldn’t see his face or his reactions) he said that it was up to me to decide when we should meet again - either in one month or two months (in the past he was always the one deciding when we would meet again). He said he was okay with whichever I decided. Well, of course I said one month! Silly. He keep his head down and said in the same neutral tone, “I do not want to feel like I am forcing you to come so often.” At the end of the meeting, he was again looking in my eyes and he said that if I need anything I should call him and he would do whatever I need (I am assuming he means project related, but still...). So, next month, I ‘m going to try Perfect Match again.
  15. So, I experimented again with the Heart & Soul at last week’s work lunch. I would have used Treasured Hearts, but it had not yet arrived. As expected, Mr. Wonderful did not show up. I am pretty happy with the effects that I got with H&S - everyone at the lunch seemed to be having a great time. People were very chatty and open - there was some light hearted office gossip going on, which I found interesting since usually people are a bit more guarded with their gossip. One of the new hires kept looking over at me with kind of an awed look similar to the way the vet’s assistant had looked at me. Also, one very gruff and abrasive male coworker was extremely nice to me - He is never that nice! And one of my other coworkers insisted on helping move some boxes and was really sweet about it. Normally I would have to beg him to help me. H&S seems to be a great social to wear to a party/event. I didn’t get the same self effects that I get from Open Windows though. Open Windows always makes me feel happy, open and maybe a little giddy. H&S made me feel content and happy to watch everyone else have a nice time - not a bad thing, just different. The Treasured Hearts arrived that evening, so I gave it a try this weekend when I went out shopping at the mall. Probably not the best test as I didn’t really speak to anyone except for sales clerks. I didn’t notice any thing unusual in the way anyone treated me. The thing was I had the self effect of feeling really depressed after wearing it for a while. I may have used too much or maybe it just amplified my already sad feelings into depression. So, I tried TH again last night at a networking event. I used less and thankfully this time it did not cause depression. Several people who I have not seen in a long time all told me that I looked great and they stuck around to have nice conversations with me. That was quite pleasant. Also, my former crush was there - let’s call him Mr. Confused. He is always nice to me and talks with me when I see him, but I guess I got “friend zoned” with him some time ago. Anyway, he came over to talk with (as he normally would), but he seemed a little more attentive than normal. Anyway, not holding my breathe on him! The effects for TH were nice, but maybe subtle. So, tomorrow is the day that I see Mr. Wonderful again. I am still debating whether I should use Open Windows or Treasured Hearts. They each have their advantages. The main thing I want out of this meeting is for Mr. Wonderful to feel comfortable with me and to not be spooked. I’m leaning towards Open Windows since it seems to also help me to stay more relaxed & open. Also I don’t feel like I’ve tested TH enough to fully understand it’s effects. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Wonderful will have to ask me to visit him again in two weeks (due to some project related issues), so hopefully I can try Perfect Match with him then - depending on how tomorrow’s meeting goes, of course. I totally love Perfect Match!
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