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Couer de L'amour

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Treasured heart - 3 strips in arms

Met 2 girls in office. They were happy to see me in office after so long time. We discussed the possibility of going out but then cancelled when one of our senior arrived. He was smiling seeing us together. These girls told me that they feel so good and comfortable with me or when I am around in office.

Later after lunch applied 3 strips again in left arm with purple pitch.

Had meeting with my boss. He mentioned that he don’t want to do anything for one of team mate as he is pissed off with him now. He did too much for this person and he still is not balanced then nothing can be done. He told me that the conversation he had with that guy. He also suggested to me to stop working for him and his team. That was a heart to heart talk which he rarely does. He was in my favour and not at all picked on me.


Fragrence wise i always get spicy herbal and my skin amps up the spices more..... it stays clearly on my skin till next morning...

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Treasured Hearts – in cauor de lamour

Wore it today and I had to be there for moms surgery. Though it is very minor one and I will be sitting for long time with my bro, so thought of this mix. I had good time talking to bro , he did not pick me up much. But in fact kept talking about mom. I was king of sleepy also. So came home and slept after lunch. My bro was easy and did not pick me for anything at all. It is a must now around him….. very effective to shut him with his dominance. I had very calm time, which is rare with him.

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