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Any guys here and what do you order?

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Are there any guys here on this forum?


And if so what do you order? and Why?

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We eat men for breakfast....



*WAIT* COME BACK!!! :Hug_emoticon: JUST KIDDING!


we have a couple of male visitors and loe everyone. This is a very warm forum and everyone is allowed. There definetly is more woman on it though :Hug_emoticon:


With regards to mens products, there are lots of goodies. I have a sample of pretty much EVERYone (well I missed out on the occasional one).


What are you looking for? A sexy male scent? Something with pheros? Let us know and we can guide you.


If you want to test out a couple of great scents, I reccomend the MAle scent sampler pack.

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I am going to order the sample pack. I spoke to the ladies here and they said I can - up to a point - request some of the scents I want as there are not many male scents. I am looking at Northshore, Merlin, and Frog in particular. After that a few of the pheromone products might be interesting.

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