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  1. I love the description of this one, I knew luna had to be at play! It was just too...mmmmmm (if u can understand me), to not have her touch. This scent sounds just up my alley. I have been away tooooooo long and to see this scent..I feel like I have come back home! I must try this! Love lavender and white amber, ooh, divine!
  2. I got mine with Dominance, but feel as if it was the worng phero for this mix, it may also be that I have scared myself from wearing dominance due to fear of getting bitchy responces back (not that this will happen, its just what I fear). I think cougar would be a great amp to this. I definetly get a lot of friendly positive attention when wearing this potion and would love to amp the sparkly sexy side of it! I havent tried anything in a spray but think this would be GREAT!!! Oh decisions decisions! I think I am going to have to beg my man to allow me to get this in every phero blend Once someone tries this one can they please compare it to the original for me... or when you have a moment PM. BY THE WAY, Take care of yourself dear PM. I hope that you have peace during this trial and see positive results.
  3. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU PM!!!!!!! My absolute fave scent to wear is Tangy Ylang and I am sad to only have two bottles plus one amped with Dominance...I am sooooo happy, this is definetly one my man will allow me to stock up on, YAY!!!!! I could probably even sell this one at my office I get so many compliments!!!
  4. Oooooh, thanks for sharing Luna! I am very excited
  5. I love putting Pheros in my hair and back of my neck, however I know some ladies have had issue with EST sticking in there hair and making it smell like cat pee. NOW this doesnt happen to everyone, as it doesnt happen to me, but it is something to watch for. I find application points are a lot of personal preference. Especially with which type to apply first. On clothes I havent had to much problem getting it out, nor have I read of too many people having this issue...but things do change.
  6. These look great! I am very excited to see Candy Pop 2010! Mmmmmm Love the labels(as always ) Gaia's PE sounds yummy tooo...I would love to sniffee it...Perhaps I will wait for reviews and then just buy a bottle
  7. Wishlist is building but I am trying to keep it small... LP Silver is a must Occo Red...and anything else similar in red scent...my man LOVES IT! I want the new soaps they sound divine! That Kind of Girl Cougar Potion AND...I cant remember what else,, but there is the start...hope my man allows me to buy
  8. When I put this one on I too get the EXPLOSION of intense berry fruit. It is quite overpowering (it didnt help that I applied a generous amount). It dries and softens just a little but is definetly a very berry scent. I didnt love the intense berry blast but do find it to be a nice scent. I have to be in the mood for this as this is definetly not a behing the scenes scent, it is very in your face...which is appropriate to the pheros, I guess. The berry burst reminds me a lil of Valentine Queen which I very much love but choose to wear it only on certain occasions. I have been wearing this for the past 7 hours and it is still going strong in my cleavage, so it has great staying power. This is my first experience with the Leather Phero and I havent seen a lot of response. I am defiently going to have to try it around my man and see if it effects him in any way. The only oddity out of my day was interactions with my male boss were a lil awkward today. Not sexual tension awkward more like awkward silence awkward, perhaps over a stupid joke or a random gesture... not sure if it was there pheros or just us being offbeat today... I dont notice the leather note in here but I definetly notice the smoothness of vanilla or another sent on dry down.
  9. I got the total thumbs up for this one from my BF. He loves it. It wears so nicely, soft and very feminine not too fruity and not overly floral, just divine! I havent persuaded him into leting me buy a bottle though
  10. Thanks Luna,m I hoped you'd know since you wrote it...well there goes that momentary hope Loved your descriptions Luna, you definetly have a talent.
  11. Other than what has already been said with the TH and H&S etc. I would second the Blatant invitation for sex and blantant desire, for the times that is wanted. Also, first off, I am younger (25), but I find I get a GREAT response with Cougar. I know it is meant to attract younger men, but I get ALOT of attention from older men when I wear it. I find it gives off a great sparkly vibe and I get a lot of respect and consideration from older men when I wear it. AS well it has a lil sex vibe in the mix. I find Cougar as one I can wear around my older male co-workers an get what I need. Great mix that I think may be worth a test drive with your man.
  12. Oh TG, ssorry to hear that you are going through this with your son. BUT I am so glad to hear of the blessing you have received. Take care of yourself dear TG.
  13. I dont find this scent to be very light when it starts. Like halo, I get a lot of Melon to start. It is very sweet and delicious. Reminds me of Sugared Melons and maybe even Summer Soltice 2008. As it wears on my skin I get a melonie sweet floral, that I woldnt say is too overpowering once it dries down. It is a very pretty scent and I think it would be great for a teen/young adult. Not to say it cant be worn by any age group. I would love this scent on a warm spring or summer day. Definetly a good one to turn to when other scents are just too heavy. I wish this lasted a lil longer...I put it on 6 hours ago and it is now barely there. I wish it still smelt the way i did at the 2 hour mark. Note to self...bring tester along for mid day re-application.
  14. I totally agree with your review Luna this one is just lovely. It reminds me a lil of a white scent with a touch of aquatic notes. I only have a lil sampler of this but I am definetly planning on nabbing up a bottle. Now Does anyone wonder about the gold reference in te description? I am sure it is nothing but it made me think of LP gold coming again...but then again I have been out of the loop so i am not certain of the up and coming ggg scents coming back!
  15. I just got my JAnuary Releases and its time for February, YOWSER! I already have a great list of wants accrueing, why not throw another month of goodies in to tempt me.
  16. OHHHH! Silken Moonlight is SUCH a great scent! If you like soft white scents, NAB THIS ONE UP!!!!
  17. The difference from Strangers, could that have to do with how long you are in the situation and how close you are? WIth your hubby you prolly have a good phero cloud worked up in the house, especially if tyou have been home for a while... Just a thought Oh and PM, LOVE YOU!!! I like it when you tease us with new goodies and then allow us to not get too crazed before announcing it THANK-YOU!!! Off to find the new thread....
  18. Just wanted to add that I am also 5'9, and of similar build to you starlight. I have a very alpha personality and often worry about wearing Dominance. I have/had a bitchy boss but didnt find the results were effective with her in the roll on. I often just got a lot more butting of heads. I wish it would havbe subdued her... Hmmm, the bf and I are gonna play with some mild bondage activities (we both wrote the other a lil nopte about whatwe want the other to do to us and each of ours had to do with a bondage fantasy ) I am thinking Dom might be a GREAT addition to "play time"
  19. That was a great report Lor, now I gots me all curious of this new phero (new to me ) Adding to my wishlist. If any of you win the lottery, send a leather my way
  20. WELCOME fellow Curious one Looks like you have a great first order (I love LP Red, it is divine!) Feel free to post around the forum and join in on the chatter. Oh and if you have anmy questions or need scent suggestions, we are always here to help (and of course the review section is a great source of knowledge). Take care fellow CC
  21. Oh these do look good. I am always curious about Peach scents so Lisa's PE has caught my attention and SILVER!!! very exciting, cant wait for the sampler
  22. I was just thinking about that... I keep running to my mailbox everyday to check for the December Goodies, and now I am runnig here to check for the January teasers
  23. I have been wearing this one a lil bit lately and I must say...ooooooh! This one ages nicely. The Pink flirty scent is there but it is much smoother and more cotton candy delicious! It is a potent scent that has melded really nice has time has pogressed. I reccomend pulling this one out from its hiding place and testing it again, to enjoy as it matures
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