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Musky Dusky Jasmine

sultry brunette

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I couldn't find a thread for this, even through the search... so I am starting one...


This is just what it says. A soft, musky jasmine scent. It is a little strong on it’s own for my taste, but would be a great way to add a touch of floral to a dark, resinous scent (which is what I got it for). Both this one and Musky Dusky Roses are fantastic for just that. The musk in the scent tones down the florals just enough that when I add it to a darker scent, it melds perfectly – giving me the perfect feminine edge when I need to soften up the “image” just a touch.

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Djac sent Sugar a sample of this. Ok I love it, theres something in it, that I just want to sit & smell. It reminds me Jasmine incense.

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