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  1. I just wanted to be a stalker and say hi. It's been a while since I popped in, so I am like a ghost...
  2. Can I just say LP Green? I am getting low on my last bottle...
  3. I loved coming back and seeing Tropical Musk is being re-released again! I remember ordering that as a custom several years ago. It still makes me think of Jamaica when I wear it. .
  4. Hey Mara, send me an email with the details of your issue. I happen to know someone that works for Amazon and can submit your complaints through a back channel. She just happens to be in charge of the health and wellness product lines (which would include cosmetics and fragrances). I don't know the history of the issue and don't want to make any assumptions. Edited to add: I have updated my email address, but it's in my forum profile.
  5. Holy Cow! Seeing as how I am now at 2900, I have some shopping to do!
  6. Miss Mara! It's been awhile... I totally forget where I left off. Can you tell me where I am at in posting credits?
  7. I have to admit that I don't look at the notes at all when I review these so that I can give a straight and unbiased review. That said, this one is not at all floral to me. It is a chewier sweetness that has deep dark undertones. It is not, however, candy sweet. The sweetness isn't syrupy or too sticky, but more of a subtle and meatier sweetness. It definately has a smoky note to it. When it dries down, my skin seems to amp tobacco and smoke. I am not sure which one I am getting, but one of those is coming through. It is a more masculine scent that would work very well for a strong wom
  8. ooohhhh, i am excited!
  9. This is very fresh and light. I agree with the reviews so far. To me, this one feels like a pale green. Like a pale oolong tea (color, not scent). It has a nice crispness to it and would be a great scent for those days that you want to feel carefree or a great light scent for the open workplace (should you choose not to flaunt your LP passion).
  10. sultry brunette


    This one is lemony on me in an herbal kind of way. I am sure that is the vetiver. It is very pretty and soft, however, it doesn't "wow" me.
  11. I love the spices in this one. They are perfectly amped on my skin. mmmmmm.... I agree with Luna, someone can stuff my stocking... I can smell the hint of apple poking through after it dries down. mmmm....
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