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Buns Of Cinn Amped With Lace

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After reading Ail's recent posts on reviews I decided to put this here also...


The Lace phero is absolutely fantastic,and the Buns of Cinn scent is perfect for it.As much as I love Garland & Lace,the extra strength of the amped product is...just incredible.I consider myself to be a very "high on life" kinda gal,and this amplifies that, I love the way it makes me feel!


Buns of Cinn take Lace to the casino...LOL,I cannot decide if "take" should have an s


First,I don't know why this ever smelled light to me! I went to add one of my samples to it and found it was not neccesary...at all...it smells terrific :)


Second,Kovvy, "Lor's Lure" it is,that is what I thought of several times :lol:


Now to the good stuff,this phero is so effective for me,it is just Happy.


Someone I just barely talk to in passing kept showing up where ever I was,several times I turned around and there he was,right behind me,just too funny,he was trying to smell me and it was so obvious. Why can't some guys just say "gee, you smell good"?


Everyone was Xtra cheerful and friendly... I consistently love the way this makes me feel! :)


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