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  1. Well,this is interesting ...got this Monday but then had unplanned,or rather unscheduled ,root canal ... while I have allowed myself this week to take it easy in all things,could not resist just a tiny sniff today (remember I am phero-easy) and had a nice lift and a few,oh look ,just straighten that as you are walking by,bwahaha. Could be suggestion I know ,but other blends with Epi ,especially scented Popularity Potion,effect me in a similar manor. I will be back to give it a fair trial later,but I do like
  2. Calii

    Warm & Toasty

    This is a Calii scent ! ... a delicious nut bread,actually almost cake like on me,very moist and dense...no banana tho
  3. This is an excellent idea ,Atomic Mandarin is yummy and the orange citrus is so uplifting...hmmm,Oranzipan would be another great choice,luv that one too ...I am grateful to have a nice supply of both the DC's
  4. Hmmm,well the dry down on this is very marshmallow-y on me ,and very yummy I don't get much grapefruit ,oddly...have full bottles of 2010 & 2013 left, but might add this anyway
  5. Hah,I just made a post about PP in the energy thread...I have PP in UN and in several scents, my absolute favs are Darling Clementine and Darling Catalina,something about that amount of phero <lesser> and the combo ingredients used just is perfect for me ...finding your own sweet spot is the adventure !!
  6. Thanks,all ...WOW,just WOW but the eye candy in here just keeps on keeping on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ohhh Halo they are adorable !!! ... Mara you did miracles with my super small and very low resolution Halloween image on Sugared Hay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just LUV it !! :abfx:
  8. Just went and checked one of mine and all is well...mmmm,I luv this stuff and wear it most every day in cool weather,and so look forward to wearing it again...ummm,I have six bottles,yeah see,I really like how it makes me feel
  9. Calii

    Double O

    If you have not tried this lately,you really should,it has aged into a spectacular scent,at least on me ...a very rich and distinct pink.Several people have complimented me on it,all strangers! It is over on Artfire now,I got another bottle as backup to the backups ...a little goes along way too,it is strong and lingers around you,I turn my head,catch a whiff...and Smile
  10. ...nothing would surprise me when it comes to your talents At the very least you should have had a laugh at my three attempts to even send them bwahaha
  11. Awww ,I love you ... I did,but even genius Mara cannot make something that is not there,these were small bad images and I do not have the original...hee,remember they were taken at an adult party by someone in rare form,as was I at the time,and not many know the story behind the outfit,like you,my pretties
  12. The only way to find out what works for you is to experiment! ...sample sample sample ...I am grateful to have everything,but if I had to choose...right now...it would be Cougar,Lace & Leather...ask me later and that could change I do wear cops and/or Aja daily
  13. Ohhhh, luv that idea ...I sent the only 2 I have,but they are small and very low resolution ,oh well ... yummy,you are so stunning in Leather!! eta,Molls! I knew Pumpkin was you but did not know about your daughter ,that is so adorable
  14. Awww,thanks,but I only have the Halloween avatar online and I think you have enough of those :lol:
  15. JOC,take off your adblock! ... Liz,lMAO @ your Mom!,no I am not in any of these...Bats,oh that is awesome,Katz,ummm,my such green eyes you have ...Molls,Mel,MzDC,Dolly,Xev...oh sheesh,just Everybody!!! this is such a trip :abfx:
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