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  1. Awesome art find and execution Mara !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...and LunaChick,as always your cleverness captivates me do they shut to keep me in, or keep something else out? but but but...sniff...the all night bakery?
  2. I had no idea these were even up !!! ... Absolutely stunning collection ,kudos to Mara & team ...aaaand my dear Mz LunaChick we seek the euphoria within the fright to prove we are alive ...tappity tappity tappity but you knew,that,heh *MWAH* and of course,luved this one too... time time time we abide
  3. Such a thoroughly Fun romp through the images and descriptions...and this especially ,my dearest LunaChick brought joy :abfx: ..."She would make herself be still she would listen to the rain she would listen to the wind and what it had to tell her she would speak to the bees and learn their secret alchemy. She would kiss a rose and lick the honeysuckle feel the grass like the skin of the earth the dirt holding warmth and life and knowledge all these things she would apprehend once she began to be quiet and listen to everything around her." ...anticipating panic everything selling out with the fabulous First Friday's
  4. Woo-Hoo "grand opening of the brick & mortar store",eeeeeeee,I've some catching up to do Awesome!!!! as alsways LunaChick,an enjoyable romp :abfx: ...which suffused his imagination with its nectarous yet ephemerial flavor. If you catch a Fae whose lips have been stained by the juice of a cherry, their kiss can enthrall you for eternity... It is not unusual to find a bee and a fairy napping within the same flower, curled up and dusted with pollen, gently snoring ... all in a fae’s work! :lol:
  5. Bwahhaha_HAH Mara,the labels are stunning! ...and Peeniefeet, truly snort muh tea ...off to spend some time reading the descriptions and all of LunaChick's creativeness ,always,always a highlight for me
  6. Hah,you are in for a treat and important that you try something you might not have liked in a few weeks,even months later! ...welcome to the Adventure...welcome to the Addiction
  7. On June 24th ...but it sits on my dresser and gets morning light,and occasionally some heat if I forget to close the drapes.lol,so that is probably why Agreed,LunaChick,as always!! "…because the true magic is, ever and always, in YOU!"
  8. YES! all this...and more ...welcome to the adventure !!
  9. O M Deity,these and the entire process are so intrinsically beautiful ...Bats you are blessed with many gifts,and deservedly so . I am proud to know you ...Mara the concepts for the collection and final renderings are stunning ...ps B,your unique garden blessings candle still graces my home, and still has scent !!!!!!!!
  10. ... congratulations on your successful use of all facets ! ...and best of luck in your new endeavor !!!
  11. Mara,such creative concepts,impressive images and oh my dearest luscious LunaChick,as always you never fail to titillate my senses...ever ok,I did have to look up truculence ...squee,the return of Savannah Finch & nom de plume Julian Lune,hee,from Nola to Sin City...and an Agent Null adventure too,how perfect !!!! ... am totally intrigued by Punxsutawney Immortality Elixir,especially cause IMO,you can never have enough Cougar scents,heh ...my human scent, the scent of iron and of the cold dry diminished state in which we dwelled.
  12. Welcome to the addiction,welcome to the adventure...you have found the best place to be !!!!
  13. Welcome here,too and I agree with Rose...see Levitation on me would be waaay to "oh look,there goes a butterfly" for work... but you never know how it will be,on you.
  14. Welcome to the Adventure !!! ...LP Red & OCCO Red is one of my fav combos,ever ...pheros must be tried,what works for one may not for others,have fun with them!
  15. Calii

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the Adventure !!!
  16. Did not expect these BEAUTIES to be up so soon ... umm,so much for vacations huh ...will be back to spend more time to enjoy them !!!!!! LunaChick,as always heee...domesticated herds of nogs Katz & Mr Katz.. “Well, they’re not potty-trained but at least they can fly!” ...I realized that my grandmother had never answered my question
  17. Well,this is interesting ...got this Monday but then had unplanned,or rather unscheduled ,root canal ... while I have allowed myself this week to take it easy in all things,could not resist just a tiny sniff today (remember I am phero-easy) and had a nice lift and a few,oh look ,just straighten that as you are walking by,bwahaha. Could be suggestion I know ,but other blends with Epi ,especially scented Popularity Potion,effect me in a similar manor. I will be back to give it a fair trial later,but I do like
  18. This is a perfect crisp clear apple,just a hint of honey sweetened apricot,coming out now,wowza, what a cover for Cuddle Bunny!!! nary a hint of cop bleed through ...I don't get any floral at this point, which suits me fine
  19. Oh wow,a whole 5 days off...you deserve far more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the heads up so we can plan accordingly
  20. Sampler !! but you probably already ordered one ... Gotcha is giddy fun ,on me !! ....ooooh your LP Red with Sexpionage choice,killer combo
  21. As always,Luna Chick,I thoroughly enjoy your talents , you never fail to keep the bar above bwahaha,give up male modeling ...now that Sherlock was a bona-fide social media phenomenon the one who lets her soar,the one who loves her more ...but I see you,I see right into the depths of your heart,and your mind,and I know what you want
  22. Welcome to the Adventure, welcome to the addiction ... Pheromas is an exciting time ! Cougar was my 1st purchase and remains a favorite. Positive vibes from the unpheroed scents is a glorious part of Mara's genious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. What is that saying about being a warning to others ... we have all been there to one extent or another I imagine,I know I certainly have!! ...hah,wearing LP Red & OCCO Red out and being stalked,comes to mind ... welcome again, if I have not said so elsewhere ...much happiness on your coming union
  24. Since the newer Flying Potion's are with Levitation,which is Open Windows with added DHEAS,that would be an excellent choice...IMO ...welcome here,if I missed saying it elsewhere
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