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Do pheros work in wax??

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ACK! That's a big NO!


Dr Stone told me that pheros exposed to open flame create something toxic, they shouldn't be used in candles.


However, you CAN use them in a simmer pot or oil warmer...allowing heat to diffuse them is fine. Just no flame should be allowed to touch them.



I use our phero enhanced perfume oils in my oil warmers all the time. 25% perfume to 75% dilute...I use DPG to dilute, but you can also use water or other carrier oils. Definitely nothing alcohol-based tho - (could catch fire).


Warming perfume oils with Alpha-Nol in them is great for parties.


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Ooooh that's really interesting about the flame making them toxic!! I wonder why, must be a chemical reaction of some sort. Glad I didn't try it.


I pressume you would be fine making them into wax melts/tarts though? I usually use 10% fragrance oil in soy wax to make tarts, eg if I put May Day or Peaceful Home into soy wax at 10% (same as a normal fragrance oil) as a general rule do you think that would be ok? That would be about 2.5ml of the perfume oil (don't know how much of that is phero?) in each wax tart, would that be too much phero to diffuse into a room considering you wear alot less that that - I want a calm and relaxed home, don't want the kids to OD on the pheros.

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