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New bottle of Blatant Invitation hard to roll

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I just received my new bottle of unscented Blatant Invitation (in silicone, the one you have to shake). I am finding it really hard to roll on, the rollerball seems to stick. Even if I "help" turn it with my finger to try to get it started, it just kind of sticks again.


Is it because its the silicone version? Should I have gotten this in oil perhaps?


Any suggestions would be welcome!! :)

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I have used the safety-pin trick that others here have suggested, with success. -- You GENTLY wiggle & wedge the pin (sharp end, obviously) in between the roller and the 'ring' it's sitting in...and, keeping it vertical, you GENTLY scootch it all the way around the ring. If that's not enough, repeat, but with an up-and-down sawing motion.

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