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  1. I wore the scented version of this to our tiny local bar the other night, and got so much attention it wasn't funny! It smells soft, powdery and clean. I'm not totally crazy about the scent (I personally prefer richer, more gourmand fragrances), but guys sure seem to like it! The few guys in there vied to buy me drinks, and this one guy kept nuzzling my neck, saying, "You smell sooo good!" It actually became annoying after awhile, lol, and I finally had to leave. I think I'd better save this one for special people/occasions, or at least when I do not go in the bar by myself!
  2. I like this! Initially upon application, this smells quite a bit like Jouir de, but then in just a few minutes, the honey notes become much brighter and fresher smelling, like real honey, which I totally like! At this point it reminds me somewhat of one of my favorite non-LPMP fragrances, Montale's Sweet Oriental Dream. After maybe an hour or so, it morphs into a sweet incense-y-ness which is totally delicious, and stays like that. I could still smell it on my arm a little today, even after a shower. I haven't tried it around anyone else yet, but will report back when I do!
  3. That's so generous, thank you!! Looks like I'd better get a move on, lol!
  4. This starts out as a sweet and almost too sharp spicy fragrance, the cinnamon most prominent. However, it soon settles into a comfortable, sweet, not quite (but almost) gourmand scent, and the vanilla, chocolate and coffee notes begin to peek through. It's very soothing, and kind of smells like cinnamon-y maple syrup. I like this one a lot!
  5. I was thinking, what about a motivating wax melt, with a stimulating scent and phero to match, to help with procrastination of cleaning the house, doing paperwork, etc? That's something I would definitely be into! And I understand Tyvey's rationale as well about the G&L, so now I'm on the fence about it, lol. You happen to be burning some G&L phero-ed, and someone stops by, maybe a guy who likes you but you don't quite return the feeling (this happens to me from time to time). You want to be able to control when and who gets to smell the lusty stuff. I suppose if you had a signific
  6. Probably something with a familiar comfortable feel - like maybe Remind Me Again w/ Treasured Hearts or some phero with a warm, bonding vibe. Or, something like something yummy is baking or has recently been baked - I remember reading that someplace when I was trying to sell a house. Not a sexy eat-me bakery scent, but more of a comfy homey scent. Apple, cinnamon, vanilla, that sort of thing.
  7. I'm so glad she's re-brewing this! I'm sure it will be scrumptious! I love Compromising Positions too, those yummy gourmand cinnamon-sugar-vanilla scents get me every time! I've got G&L on right now, and I have to keep smelling my arm every so often, lol
  8. Most definitely WITH!!! After all, how can it truly be Garland and Lace without the Lace?
  9. This has become my all-time favorite (V3). Never got to try V1, and V2 just didn't sit quite right with me, the cake was just a little too dry on me, but V3 = heaven! This starts out smelling just like a loaf of cinnamon sweet bread fresh out of the oven, then gradually settles into a comforting, total nomminess that lasts a long, long time. I have had great reactions from men while wearing this. Though I tend to wear this not entirely solo, but with a mist of Lace 1x Beta spray on top. One was when a male friend of mine, in his 60's, was taking me to do some errands, then home (a good ho
  10. Yum, yum, yum, this is so absolutely scrumptious! On me, this is warm, nommy, vanilla goodness, I can't stop smelling my arm! Definitely a full bottle. Or two.
  11. Full sized Compromising Positions! After I tried the one in the sampler, I fell totally totally in love, and hard too! Ouch!
  12. Leather has a nice sexy alpha vixen vibe, if your guy prefers aggressive.
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