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I thought this may help those that haven't ordered from LPMP before and what they can expect.




Mara takes great care to craft these blends so as she has stated on the ordering page it may take up to 2 weeks to receive your order. I know we don't like waiting but trust me when I say...THE WAIT IS WORTH IT!! If you need something for a special occasion b-day, anniversary,etc. Order it well in advance and if your not looking for anything other than a refill, if you think you need it order it with the 2 week wait in mind. My order took a total of about 10 days from when I clicked the pay now button to the time it arrived. I know some of us are used to seeing stuff within a couple of days but these products aren't your typical pick and pack an order type. When I say they are worth the wait I mean every bit of it, these products are in a league of their own...a little waiting is a small trade off for the quality of the product you ordered.




I thought I would share this tip with those that just can't wait and are detail freaks like me, when you get your stamps.com email copy and paste that Confirmation Number into usps.com track and ship, it's a little more detailed and updated faster than the stamps.com version. Stamps.com on my order was a couple hours behind the usps.com site so they are pretty close but the usps was a little more detailed.




It's stuff in box what more do you need to know?

I'm just kidding, I found my order to be well packed and everything arrived safe and sound, no leaking, broke or missing items. I found a business card included with my order should I have needed to contact for any reason.


Final thoughts

I found the whole process to be easy and pain free through all steps of the process...ok maybe not the waiting, but that's my own fault to be honest. I hope this helps those ordering for the first time and those that have for some time, as maybe they didn't realize they could track even faster on the usps site. I hope this helps answer questions for anybody wondering about the ordering process.


Mara if you feel this would be better suited in a different area please feel free to move it :o

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Thanks for the usps.com info...that is useful.


I have had many packages shipped the same day as ordered,sometimes within hours.It all depends on the timing and content.You will learn as you read more :o


What part of the country/world are you at ?

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