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Alpha-Androstenol HELP!

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So, I've read that Alpha-Androstenol is a fairly safe mixer. I'm thinking of either getting Woozy Floozy or the Alpha-Androstenol spray.


Question 1: Is the concentration of AA the only difference between woozy floozy and alpha-androstenol spray? (aside from the fact that woozy comes in silicone and dpg as well as a spray).


Question 2: As a mixer, would you recommend getting the straight AA spray, or would you get the WF?


Question 3: Which phero blends would be safe to give an added boost of AA? I'm thinking Treasured Hearts, but what else?


Question 4: I really like the silicone/alcohol blend as a base. I've read that Mara thinks AA should be in a spray for best effects. Would the silicone/alcohol blend be ok, or should I get it in 100% alcohol?

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