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Short term birth control use and phero's

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My doc wants to put me on B/C pills for 2 cycles of pills I was wondering if this affected phero effectiveness. I am not doing it to prevent pregnancy, the reasons are for other issues. I have had a tubal ligation so preg. is not a concern but I don't know if the pill makes pheros or EOW do wonky things. I would imagine EST is a factor in some fragrances, maybe not. Please advise.

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Dr Stone told me that if pheros had measurable physiological effects in a medical sense, then they would need to be regulated by the FDA as a drug. He said the doses are too minute in perfumery to be considered a drug.


But maybe I am answering it backwards....you're asking if BC pills have an effect on your body chemistry and therefore the perfumes and pheros, right? It's certainly possible, because they effect your hormone levels and imitate pregnancy. Do they make one produce EST, I wonder?


I would think that the most that might happen is that you may find that your preferred dose strength or blend might act a little different while you are on them. You might have to adjust your levels a tad but I doubt it will make that much of a difference. I don't recall there being any difference when I was on or off BCP and wearing pheros.

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