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Swimming with Sharks vs Dominance

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Both Swimming with Sharks and Dominance seem to be for "commanding respect" type reactions. But Dominance seems more aggressive and intimidating, and Swimming with Sharks seems more conciliatory and "nice but don't push me". Does that make sense, and is that the feel you guys get from them? If not, could you expound on what you think about Swimming with Sharks? There is not already a thread here for that; I searched and found mentions of it in other threads but not an in-depth discussion of it.

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Hey hun.....I am a big Dominance fan....just LOVE IT for work, because I often deal with persnickety male clients. Dominance puts them in their place. It is kind of aggressive, but so am I.....LOL.....so, it fits me perfectly. My man says....."With that Dominance blend, it is like you.....but on steroids!"


SWS is good though. It is good for dealing with people when you want a "softer" but still in charge vibe. I have found it especially helpful if I am dealing with an already aggressive WOMAN. Sometimes the Dom can make an aggressive female want to get in a pissing contest with me.....it is like it puts ME in the zone, and then puts them there as well.....that can get ugly. SWS is like....."I am in charge. You know that, and you are happy for me to take the lead, because I know what I am doing." I like SWS.....good blend!

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