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  1. It's in the "Pheromone list" of available pheros, but I'm not finding it. I have a bottle of DHEAS already and was hoping to get A-nol to combine with that to use it up as a Topper sub.
  2. I'm so bummed I missed this one (I was on a no-buy for perfumes for a while there), as it sounds like it would be right up my alley. I love dragon's blood, so maybe there'll be something similar in the near future (Fall and Halloween are just around the corner...). But a couple of comments above make me think that IN TINY DOSES Sexpionage might be a good social phero. I will have to see what else might be available now with dragon's blood and get a sample of Sexpionage to experiment with.
  3. Duly noted. Thank you for your concern. 💗
  4. Reviving this discussion about PM to relay an interesting experience: My bf B and I have been together long enough that we've had a couple of really, really bad arguments (almost turned physical, I just am not intimidated easily), and he's high-strung and grouchier than average in general anyway (hence the bad arguments). If I were not so patient, kind-hearted, and understanding of his mental issues, this would've been over and done before now. But we're still hanging in there for whatever reasons, and in trying to be soothing to his nerves and encourage a happy and calming atmosphere for us, I applied PM last night before he was to come over. But within 5-10 minutes after applying, >>> I <<< started feeling all ragey and absolutely did NOT want to see him! Building on what cinnamonmel said, I'm guessing the phero maybe facilitates something like a nesting vibe, but if that goes against what's truly in your subconscious then it creates internal conflict for YOU, the wearer. Not the outside party like cinnamonmel was describing. I'm self-aware enough I already knew my feelings on my situation; overtly experiencing this just seems interesting and informative about this phero and makes me wonder if there's some way someone could make use of it from this angle. I don't talk much personal stuff on a forum like this, so I'm mentioning all of this in the context of exploring this phero and in case this helps someone else.
  5. Mara, your idea for label images was inspired genius. They're just beautiful, and you could almost say otherworldly except they're very much of this world. 😁
  6. I probably waited too late, but are any full sets (samples or bottles) still available? I don't see those options on the site.
  7. I'm still pining for Lucky In Love Potion #7. I think the clover and green musk just did it for me. 🥰
  8. I have never bought a full-bottle collection unsniffed, but I am reeeeeeeeally tempted by the current spell collection....
  9. I should've mentioned my meds results just in case it helps someone else: I went to a doctor when I started having horrendous migraines this year, caused by my hormones fluctuating. After test showed I was bottomed out in pretty much everything a healthy young body has, my doctor put me on those meds I mentioned (progesterone, testosterone, estrogen). 2 days in - I slept a full night for the first time this whole year. That's the progesterone working. 1 week - the anxiety and sudden rush of anger issues went away. 2 weeks - the horrendous headaches abated. I think the much milder ones I'm having now (a month after starting treatment) are mostly sinus-related. 4 weeks - this past Tuesday I realized during my commute to work that I felt the most cheerful, optimistic and hopeful I had felt in years, without having to WORK at being cheerful. Does that make sense? Selfies and any leg up at the office that pheros can help with is all I care about, and I use SWS daily there. Well, maybe not all: I would like to be perceived as young and vibrant as possible (but there is a sort of "currency" or "earning potential" in that.....), so maybe cops can help there but I have zero interest in romantic attention. I think Cougar has cops, but the Cougar I have is scented so I need to get a bottle of unscented. I have LFM but not LFN. I really miss SS4W; that was my fave and what I wore when cosplaying as Wonder Woman.
  10. I know this post is old but I think all the pheros mentioned above are still available so this info is still relevant now. My body started trying to go into menopause this year, and I'm now on daily doses of progesterone tablets and testosterone + estrogen cream (6 days/week for this one). It dawned on me to investigate if some pheros could help with feeling more healthy and youthful, and I found this thread. I see mentions of LFM, LFN, Cougar, and Sexpionage, but I would've figured cops would've been more heavily recommended? Out of those 4, I think only Sexpionage has a lot of cops? I pulled Dolce far Niente (BAM) out of my stash today, since it does contain "a whopping dose of EoW Copulins", but I might finally buy Sexpionage too. Anybody else here just starting this journey, and do you who've already been through it have any more helpful tips?
  11. I completely got the joke but then I'm a huge DC fan. And I'm heading over to check it out now, since I was too slow (pun intended) to catch the sale at the start. Thank you for extending it!
  12. I placed an order a few days ago, and I'm wondering if the pheros might be ruined from sitting in the mailbox during the hottest part of the day until I get home from work to get them out? If it was Winter I wouldn't be concerned but this Summer heat is something else.
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