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  1. I should've mentioned my meds results just in case it helps someone else: I went to a doctor when I started having horrendous migraines this year, caused by my hormones fluctuating. After test showed I was bottomed out in pretty much everything a healthy young body has, my doctor put me on those meds I mentioned (progesterone, testosterone, estrogen). 2 days in - I slept a full night for the first time this whole year. That's the progesterone working. 1 week - the anxiety and sudden rush of anger issues went away. 2 weeks - the horrendous headaches abated. I think the much milder ones I'm having now (a month after starting treatment) are mostly sinus-related. 4 weeks - this past Tuesday I realized during my commute to work that I felt the most cheerful, optimistic and hopeful I had felt in years, without having to WORK at being cheerful. Does that make sense? Selfies and any leg up at the office that pheros can help with is all I care about, and I use SWS daily there. Well, maybe not all: I would like to be perceived as young and vibrant as possible (but there is a sort of "currency" or "earning potential" in that.....), so maybe cops can help there but I have zero interest in romantic attention. I think Cougar has cops, but the Cougar I have is scented so I need to get a bottle of unscented. I have LFM but not LFN. I really miss SS4W; that was my fave and what I wore when cosplaying as Wonder Woman.
  2. I know this post is old but I think all the pheros mentioned above are still available so this info is still relevant now. My body started trying to go into menopause this year, and I'm now on daily doses of progesterone tablets and testosterone + estrogen cream (6 days/week for this one). It dawned on me to investigate if some pheros could help with feeling more healthy and youthful, and I found this thread. I see mentions of LFM, LFN, Cougar, and Sexpionage, but I would've figured cops would've been more heavily recommended? Out of those 4, I think only Sexpionage has a lot of cops? I pulled Dolce far Niente (BAM) out of my stash today, since it does contain "a whopping dose of EoW Copulins", but I might finally buy Sexpionage too. Anybody else here just starting this journey, and do you who've already been through it have any more helpful tips?
  3. I completely got the joke but then I'm a huge DC fan. And I'm heading over to check it out now, since I was too slow (pun intended) to catch the sale at the start. Thank you for extending it!
  4. I placed an order a few days ago, and I'm wondering if the pheros might be ruined from sitting in the mailbox during the hottest part of the day until I get home from work to get them out? If it was Winter I wouldn't be concerned but this Summer heat is something else.
  5. I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question, since you seem really knowledgeable.  I got to reading on the PheroTruth forum about Wolf, Aqua Vitae, and Bad Wolf and was wondering if you knew of any equivalents here.  From my research and recommendations I got over there, those would work for some situations I want to wear them in, but I've bought much more from here in the past and wouldn't mind sticking here.  Any suggestions?

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    2. Snoopyace


      I understand what you mean.  I used to be an LAL customer but then he had his whole payment snafu (and to be honest I'm rather suspicious that it has been a few years and he hasn't gotten it straightened out) but I find that the products from here work fantastically well and don't burn me out like some of the products from other venders will).  I think you will find that consistent use of SWS will get you some very nice places, in work but also in life.  It is a great VIP vibe phero.  

    3. Darbla


      The payment snafu I experienced recently is that his site says you're choosing Paypal but there's a note at the bottom that says you can choose a different payment option on the next screen, but when you do try to go to that next screen it hangs up on Paypal and you can't finish the order.  There are no other options.  His explanation to me was that Paypal won't process sales for any phero company now because they decided that pheros were drugs, and I could buy LAL through Amazon.  No explanation of the non-existent other options.


      But a couple weeks before that, he had promised to send some samples but never did, which didn't bother me as I was about to make an order anyway when I hit the Paypal oddity.  But he also skipped answering some questions in my emails, and all of it together just started making me feel devalued as a serious customer and I ended up a bit turned off ordering from him.


      I've read so many of your posts here and you seem really knowledgeable, so I thought I'd ask your learned opinion.  I used to be super active on here but have not been online much for the past 3.5 years, and during that time I was finishing up pheros and scents I already had before buying more.  Too bad Intellectual Woman and SS4W are gone, as those were my favorites.  But I am about to order some unscented SWS and I'll get samples of those others you mentioned and try some tests.


      Thanks bunches!

    4. Snoopyace


      That's a weird explanation because Love Potion, Pheromone Treasures, PheromoneXS, and Apex Pheromones all use Paypal.  I like SWS.  It's a great unisex work blend.

  6. Hey, what did you end up doing, Beaux, and how did it turn out? I have issues at the office too and found your post because I'm on here researching. In my case there's a young upstart who is rather slimy and brown-noses the higher-ups, and as often is the case they eat it up. She's tried testing me and that didn't go well for her last week, and after that she started showing up in my office more than usual, being all friendly. I'm a laid-back alpha and tend to let other people's nonsense and immaturity go by the wayside while I keep a logical and level head, but some people think that means they can run over you. And I've had it up to here and I'm ready to make that little snake cry. Being laid-back doesn't seem to work in my environment when it's mostly women who are probably running on emotions, and not level-headed logic. I'm wondering if some kind of alpha phero might augment my own alpha-ness and be some help in the workplace. I really hate to turn into a full-on bitch but it may come to that. I've done it before, but I my baseline and preference is cool-headed logic. On that note, things I've read about androstanenone make me think it'd be helpful in my situation. Does LPMP have mixes with that, or even a standalone?
  7. Thank you, Eve and Fang. StacyK, you just put Leather at the top of my list, especially since I discovered I have some after perusing my stockpile today that I'd forgotten about! I had been so focused on SS4W all this time I'd forgotten it. Fang, when adding a post there's a note near the bottom about "Drag files here" or "choose files". That works to attach pics. See, I made a pic of it and attached:
  8. Thank you for the suggestions and the sweet compliments. ❤️ Dominance in a low dose is what I was leaning toward in the current LP offerings with Leather a close second. I'll give LFM and Audacious another perusal too.
  9. I cosplay as WW at charities, kids' events, and comic cons. I've always been super athletic and into high-energy sports (martial arts, adventure racing, racquetball, etc.; I'll try anything athletic). I'm super independent, single, live by myself in the woods, prefer pick-up trucks to cars, all that tomboyish stuff. I used Super Sexy for years but I'm finding now it's gone. I'm not trying to hit anyone over the head with copulins so SS seemed the better choice for me. I want something that reflects and amplifies my personality and athleticism and strength without being over-the-top. I'm not even trying to attract men. But if it starts making people think I just might really be a Greek goddess, more power to it. Does this exist? I'm probably emitting those warrior vibes already to an extent, so am I asking too much?
  10. If it's rebrewed (crossing fingers!) I'll have to go full bottle. No second-thinking it!
  11. Is this really sold out already??? It is amazing!
  12. I would like to reserve one bottle of Grimoire. The last time I looked at this thread, Grimoire was sold out and I planned my sale purchase without it and made notes to myself in the sale thread. Now I'm wanting to sub this for Scarlet Leaf that I mentioned in that thread, but I'm hoping it's OK since what I'm talking about subbing isn't one of the sale items. But I can't go back and edit that thread because I don't want you to think I changed one of the sale items. Of course, when I think I'm doing something to make things easier for myself I just end up complicating matters!!!
  13. Ha! I came here just to check around if September releases were going to be Autumn scents! Still have not placed my sale order. I need a couple of pheros, and I could get a few freebies. Probably everything I wanted is gone now though.
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