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Valentina's Delight


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Am I the first to review this one? Well I have to say that I'm so happy that I had the chance to get one bottle as they disappeared so fast. The scent is just amazing! I hoped it would be a fresh and sweet spring-flower scent but it's even better. I get the fresia and the lotus right from the bottle and on the skin the musk comes through after a while. It's an upllifting spring scent, it made me happy when I sniffed my wrists. The scent lasted almost 8 hours. This is a winner! :Emoticons04235:

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Tyvey, it's a pity that you missed out this one. I think there were only very few bottles. As for the fresia: I also have Denise's PE (Denise's Silky Fresia & Musk). There is some similarity between the two, but Valentina's is more complex due to the lotus.


BlueBear, it is not at all pinky sweet. Actually, it reminds me a bit of Babe in the Woods. Have you tried that?

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