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Kimberley's Pear, Freesia & Magnolia


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I received this today. So happy that I could grab one before it was sold out. I bought it because I like freesia scents, and this perfume is really a winner! Freesia is the most prominent flower in this blend, followed by the magnolia, both perfectly rounded up by a juicy ripe pear. It's a versatile summer scent for many occasions. It's office friendly, at the same time I can imagine to combine it with any of the social pheros. Congrats to Kimberley and Mara for the idea and the realisation of this lovely perfume.

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As a child my favourite flowers were freesias for their sweet scent. My next door neighbour used to wear freesia perfume, she had dyed bright red hair and she was a nurse, i remember being able to smell her as she went in and out of her house as I played in my garden. Funny how you remember stuff. I bet she would have liked this, it sounds lovely.

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