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Rebecca's Something Green


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Rebecca's Something Green

Rebecca wanted something moist and green, so I started with a base of fern, and added a *wet* moss aroma (not dried like oakmoss), and a few extra drops of watery greens like birch leaf and fresh cut stems. A few drops of benzoin in the base give it warmth without making it overtly sweet, and a splash of tangy red currant on top...which is brightest at the beginning, but mellows into the blend evolving into a wistful, fresh nature girl (or boy) aura.




This is just so perfect that I am giddy! I generally don't like anything too green because it tends to amp to high heaven, and I can't handle anything that ends up either soapy or with a pronounced 'water' note. Those kinds of scents usually end up as high pitched ozone and migraine-stabbing soap. I *do* like the smell of green plants. When I was very young I lived in Surrey in the UK. Our house was so close to the English countryside that we went on many trips to various woods and forests. I have such a strong scent-memory that even though I've been living in Australia for decades, if I get even the slightest whiff of oak leaves, damp moss and that peaty leaf little scent I immediately flash back to the woodlands where I picked snowdrops and the wilderness behind the (very posh) school I went to.

This is the closest I have ever come to a perfume that has that same, evocative cool, damp, green to it.

It starts out like freshly cut rose stems. Not the blossom, but that rich green that you get when you prune them. In fact, it has very much the smell that you get at a florist - wet, green, and just a little bit of woodiness. There is just a touch of sweetness that again doesn't exactly smell like roses, but more like the smell from very young white rose petals when you cut or crush them. I can just catch the current when I think about it, but it's used so sparingly that it's just an accent to the perfume rather than as a note in and of itself. I think that the warmth and the sweetness - not a cloying sweetness, but the kind of sweetness from wildflowers after rain - is mostly from the benzoin.

It is so very full of scent memory for me that I fell in love as soon as I tried it!

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