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  1. I've been on a real peach kick over the last year, which is a bit odd as I am not a fruity scent person. This is really nice! I was a little worried that it would be too similar to Buttercream Peach, but it's a different peach with a different cream backing. It's a bright peach that stays bright the whole time, but the honey and musk grounds it. A bright, almost tart perfume with sweetness from the honey and cream, followed by the musk and vanilla rounding it out.
  2. I fell so in love with the original, but alas at the time I was a poor student and couldn't afford a bottle. I was hoping that this would end up an exact dupe on my skin, but like all hopes this didn't exactly work out that way. What I get instead is an entirely different, but entirely lovely perfume. A while ago I was toying with coming up with a PE called "Altar Scent", with the idea of that mixed perfume you get from working at an altar - a mix of rose essence and sweet, smokey incense. This turns out EXACTLY like that on my skin. It really does feel like incense smoke rather than 'smo
  3. I'm kind of in the mood for a heavy honey and wood scent, but that's probably because it's winter down here
  4. Celrynnya

    Tingle Tangle

    I really wanted to like this, but I'm glad I only bought a sample. Musks are always iffy for me, and I missed in the description that there was an Egyptian musk here. Egyptian musk is always a kill note when it comes to perfume for me. My personal feelings aside, the pink sugars and white musks work together to give a classic, almost floral scent. I was to say 'vintage' perfume, not in that old lady kind of way, but more harking back to the time before aldehydes were discovered. Think fancy eau de toillet.
  5. Stalky McStalking... I'm desperate for a bottle of The Land of Nog, but the shipping costs! Oh the shipping costs! Stupid being international...
  6. This scent confuses me, but in a good way. Brown sugar? Totally. Hot milk? Like Compromising Positions, baby. Simple Sugared scent? WTF? This to me smells like Anzac biscuits. There's no real American equivalent that I can think of, but this certainly has the same golden syrup and oats feeling to it. Very almost spiced, but that's more the golden syrup and the oaty thing making me *feel* like it's spiced, without it actually being spiced. This smells like the kitchen of a fairy god mother who is about to fill you full of cookies and tea.
  7. Noms! I know I've had disagreements with people over cocoa butter vs. white chocolate, but bear with me! To me, this is very much a cocoa butter rather than a white chocolate scent. It is fatty, a little musky, and a little cool. I think that if this had more sweetness and creaminess I'd see it as a white chocolate, but I am a bit of a white chocolate snob It is not super sweet, but still very warm and round and comforting. It borders on the side of a slightly less rich milk chocolate. I love it
  8. Kind of a damp, waxy green with a touch of sweetness. Kind of a cousin to daffodils.
  9. It's a good thing that I just got my tax return back
  10. So much stalking! So much excitement!
  11. As I understand it, they will probably be permanent, but I could be wrong. A long. long time ago LPMP used to sell a whole lot of sugareds, and I was able to nab a few before they were discontinued. Sugared French Vanilla was one of my favourites! That being said, Sugared Roses, Nag champa, Amber and a few others are permanent scents and you can buy them any time. Of those, I am a huge fan of Sugared Pure - I am big on sweet, foody scents, and I always get compliments when I wear it
  12. I'm hanging out for the sugareds, because GRABBY HANDS. I always prefer simpler scents than a long complicated list of notes.
  13. LP Red and I don't get along, but I was hoping that this would be more like OCCO Red, which works really well on me. I think it's the apricot that is a little too rich for me to wear. This is a nice take on LP Red, though - it's a bit more foody with more of a honey note, and the patchouli behaves itself nicely. If you are a fan of LP Red, I think that you'll love this!
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