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  1. Has anyone used PP on snotty salespeople? Last time I went to Bloomingdales, no one wanted to help me, and I had to hunt down someone just to pay for my purchases. I was so offended I hadn't set foot there in years. But I made a purchase online and decided to pick it up at the same store where I went last, because it would take 2 days for them to ship. I sprayed on the back of my neck, from belly button to breasts, and wrists. I covered with chanel 5 and went to bloomingdales. I walked straight to where you pick up online purchases - and a saleswoman passed me, smiled and said hello -
  2. no dolly, i didn't say right there on my cooch. it was about 3 inches away from my clitoris. i had shaved that day and was also afraid that the alcohol would make it burn, so i didn't want to take any chances. but since my ex has a big nose, he was able to sniff the cops.
  3. Just wanted to say that a swipe of this on your mons pubis - I sworn the name was mount of venus but google said no - and you'll get the best oral in your life. My ex is a champ and I trained him well on this when we were together. But I decided to try the BI somewhere where his nose would be close to when he went down on me, and it turned him into an orgasm machine. I almost said I wanted to marry him I also applied BI in other places, but this was my first time trying on that area. It made a HUGE difference. FYI, my BI doesn't smell.
  4. I sprayed twice between breasts, one behind neck and behind each ear plus on each wrist but no luck. I guess I am going to increase the dosage by spraying multiple times. @nutrix.. mmmm thinking now, i actually move so much that i end up not being too long around people. so next time i use the PP, i will do it when I am in a setting where I cannot get too far from people.
  5. I am going to try it this week using a bit and a lot. I will put behind my neck, on my wrists and maybe behind my ears. I usually apply between my breasts and I guess it is not a good spot. Then I will apply a lot, pretty much in most pulse points or at least 4 sprays per spot I apply.
  6. Thanks, I am going to use it again, it has been a while. I only wore it around my ex over a month ago, and he nearly went crazy.
  7. thanks! well, i sent an email to customer service anyways. mine is a roll on, oil based.
  8. I wonder if mine is from that lot, because I can't smell anything, neither on my skin or on the roll on bottle. I used to be able to sniff a scent and it wasn't bad, so I didn't need to apply perfume over it. I bought it in November 2014. @ephoebe23, when did you purchase yours?
  9. I started with a high dose and eventually cut down to only from belly button to breasts and got zero hits EXCEPT when I am around my ex, because he would have a really hard time not getting close to me.
  10. I haven't had any luck with this one..... I wear it at least once a week and zero hits.
  11. how did you do to mix perfume with the phero? i still haven't figured out the best dosage for me
  12. I bought the spray version of UN PP and sprayed from my belly button to my cleavage, then I sprayed on one wrist and remembered that someone wrote that you rub it down with your wrists. I did that with the wrist that I had not applied it. It dried in less than 5 minutes, so I applied Lina's White Velvet Rose over it and went on my way. Within 10 minutes I felt quite hyper. I kept thinking about going somewhere where I could find a lot of people, instead of going to class, and the mall sounded like an idea... I think it was a self-effect of the pheros because I never skip classes for something
  13. yayyy finally arrived! i thought USPS had lost my package!
  14. I am afraid USPS lost my package... it was sent Friday and still nothing
  15. Thanks! Another question, if I opt to wear some perfume, do I spray it over where I applied the phero?
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