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  1. For me, the berries and resins are very balanced but that is still a little dark for me. I get a nice, sweet waft from my chest but my wrists are AAALLLLL resin. Maybe if I were to put a sugared on top it would work for me. Haha! Or maybe I'll like it when I grow up
  2. This is so nice! Lots of vanilla and musk. Slightly bright... That must be ylang? Anyways this is delicious, soft, white. Lfm, though... Another bad mood/irritable. Weird!!
  3. I'm so excited that this will be permanent. I'm thinking I'm going to like this one!! I love white scents. I'll probably try it today.
  4. This is, of course, very peach forward. I'm getting peach and vanilla cream. At first, I thought the peaches would be a little more syrupy, like canned peaches but as it dried it sure is sour peach like described. Not too crazy about it. I dont think peach is my thing. I'll update a little later as time goes on, I only put this on about 20 minutes ago. About an hour later the peach has died down, and is a hint with mostly musk.
  5. Nice review qg!! Coconut is usually very nasty on me but I thought I could wear this.
  6. Omg I totally know that feeling. Wish the USPS was as good as LP about... Well anything. Jesus USPS sucks.
  7. Ok thiiiiiis is gonna be good. Slightly reminiscent of lp homme but clean and clear if that makes sense. A lovely, tea forward, clean scent with just enough spice to make it intriguing. I only put a dab on my wrist for about half an hour while I opened the package but yum.
  8. I put a little dab of this on one wrist earlier and so far it is quite nice. Musky coconut, not too much coconut. Not too sweet, quite nicely masculine. Not crazy about coconut but this is very nice.
  9. I just put this on as well. Thank the gods for balm bomb because it is the only thing stopping me from murdering the bf in his sleep. He caught the deadly man flu (aka a cold) and has been unbearably petulant all day. Oh, the scent. Much like beautiful dreamer but less stabby and with a hint of lemon. Very powdery and nice. And it has balm bomb. Thank you Jesus and Mara for balm bomb.
  10. this is available on etsy. And is AMAZING!! I also wasn't convinced that I wanted to smell like apples but whooo boy was I wrong. Soft, powdery, vanilla, fresh apples. Now for a good opportunity to try the phero!
  11. They had updated and called me to say it would arrive the next day. Then the next day it ended up raining so they decided not to get out and leave it at my door. Instead they left a pink slip in the mailbox. I just went to the past office the next morning instead of risking them being shitty again.
  12. I went all out with this order! Combo sampler and trials of UN lumina, mega watt, LFN, and PM, two FBs for my mom and sister for Christmas, and then I scored a trial bottle of UN BB and leather from the trades. I'm so interested in so many of the NRs. Can't wait!!
  13. hahha me too! yes I love names/meanings and wow these are not only gorgeous names but lovely meanings.
  14. This smells incredible. I have it on myself.. (I think I was confusing this for the big easy with all the lavender). It is a gorgeous, incredibly masculine scent. Woodsy, powdery delicious goodness with a tiny hint of spice. I can't say the phero is doing anything for me but the scent is so beautiful that I must go FB.
  15. I've been wondering about the free shipping etiquette lately. I bought some trials for my mom and sis and had them shipped to mom. I just did the same for my bffl. I didn't get charged shipping and I feel bad bc that's an extra order monthly the past 2 months. Hope I'm not being ruuuude (a la Stephanie tanner). If this is an etiquette no no how do I make sure I get charged if I do this again in the future?
  16. I'm expecting some focus potion in the mail soon that I scored off the trade forum. I'll compare it to mega watt when I get that also and let you know. Welcome welcome!!
  17. Weeeellll haaaayyyy there! NICU RN here, in school for my DNP/NNP!! BTW I wear all my scents to work and even the more hyper-allergic women don't complain. I think the oils are less irritating and wear closer youre going to have FUN! I'm also going to try out the mega watt phero for study aid.
  18. Lpmp releases new stuff every month and in November all the new releases are phero enhanced. Additionally, you can buy trial sizes of the unscented pheros. This is my First pheromas and I'm super excited! Welcome!! I looooove perfect match!!
  19. well, I'm a huge PM/H&S fan but you've just convinced me to give gotcha! another go. Let's see if it makes my bf sing to me.
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