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    I got a sample of this in the sale. I want a bottle but it's out of stock. 😥
  2. Yes. Its directed me to the etsy site but the code doesn't work.
  3. The PE is not on the new site and I can't use the code on etsy. :(
  4. Hello...Remember me? lool Word on the Hogworts street is that you made something very special and I'm getting my hands on it very soon. I want to mix the phero with an lotion due it being winter in here. Does the above formula still works? Thanks so much 😊
  5. I used Red. I used Pink. Why am I attracting old guys with missing teeth when deep down they know they don't have a chance with me? Stop playing yourself. I'm going to stock up on Cougar.
  6. Mouse

    Cherry Blossom Musk

    I got a sample of this. It didn't have a good throw after an hour of dry down BUT when I spray my Amouage Memoir on top, its smells lovely and sophisticated.
  7. Does this smell powdery on anyone? I can't tell if it is the rose or musk but it's dark and powdery to me. It's nice but I wouldn't wear this out again.
  8. I can't express how I feel about this scent. I can't say I like it and I can't say I don't like it. It smells strange to me.
  9. Mouse

    Summer Crush

    I got a trial vial of this. Now I need a full size bottle. I swear when I open it, "We Got The Beat" from the Go-Go's started playing.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that Mara. I actually thought you decided to peace out due to the influx of orders I hoped you get it resolved soon. GoDaddy is terrible, I bought with them so I can set up my blog and now I'm getting spam!
  11. Mara is the best. She was so patient with me and my orders. I pretty much maxed out my budget for oils for the rest of the summer
  12. Mouse

    Hello LP fans

    Hello! Welcome!
  13. I'm not good at describing scents but this smells like fruity florals drink to me. I quite like it.
  14. Mustang Sally Guess you better slow Your Mustang down - I love the version from the movie "The Commitments". I'm weird, I know.

  15. Mouse

    Cotton Candy Peach

    I knew I should have waited. I'll get this in the next round lol
  16. Ahhhhh I see my PE up there! I would like to reserve: Whisker & Tails Thank you!
  17. Hi! As reported by thread here: http://lovepotion.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=11492&hl= I wore Cougar on my last day in Florida and let me tell you not only does this stuff smells good, (yes, i'm getting a full size bottle) I got hits..............from insects! o.m.g. I dab a small bit on my neck and when I was waiting for the bus to the event, those suckers came and bit me. At least I met some really nice guys who thanks heaven was able to get me a good deal on tickets...I was really lucky
  18. Thank you ladies! I will definitely experiment and report back
  19. In a couple of weeks, I will be going to a major sporting event in Florida. My goal for this trip is to make new guys friends and grab a phone number or two. I have the following: BAM, LAM, Rocket Fuel, Ambrosia/eow, OCCO SLF and Cougar. I would like to be more social as I said in my welcome post, I am really quiet and don't talk much. I usually go with my friends whenever we take trips but they couldn't make it. Thank you. P.S. LPMP has replaced my makeup habit. I haven't brought makeup in weeks and now focusing on getting some full size bottles! Tsk.
  20. Mouse

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks everyone!
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