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  1. awww Mara, I'm so sorry to hear ya having server issues. Not to worry, we are LP addicts, we will always wait for the LP precious no matter how long it takes... Now, what's this I hear about a sale?....did I miss out, where's the post?, when do we order...come on tell me something...tell me tell me tell me!!!!!!!!! Okay, now tantrum is over, just one question...where's the sale! lol Don't worry mara, just some ugly monsters in the universe that want you to get all off track cause you got other stuff coming up to deal with (sending good vibes by the way)...it shall all work itself out and everything you will see shall be as it is meant to be. Love ya Mara...hugzzzzz Be blessed, djac
  2. Hiiiiiii Cheesy, It is so good to see you around. so happy all is going well for you...thank you so much yet again, because I am still loving the "baby" LP you created for me back some while ago...it is still all that I wanted and then some. Be blessed and so good to see you here. djac
  3. OMG OMG OMG...mara you dear lady how could you have known what djac was in need of? lol Seriously, I was going to email you to ask if we had any type of LP that could be used to help me wih school stuff (creativity, concentration, success, etc) and here I come to the site and Voila! you have created my dream potions.... Yay! I just ordered!!!!!! Flourite (2 bottles), Creativity Potion and Elan Vitale?(I hope I got thatspelling right? lol) Oh I cannot wait to get this package....I so need all of these to hopefully give me a bit more edge with school, which by the way is sooooo time and mind consuming. (but I know it it so worth it in the end...lookout Dec 2011 -I graduate and get my degree) Anyway back on topic....Thank you Mara for always knowing just what we need before we even ask it. Be blessed, and hugzzzzzz Djac
  4. Dolly, so great to see you too.... I definitely need some leather. At first I was thinking lace, but the more I hear about this leather, this is for me because the Est will tame the alpha a bit...this is great I am sooooo getting this. Be blessed, Djac
  5. Hiiiiii Dearest Dolly, Great post...too cute and funny. Thanks for sharing....and the confirmation that I want some of that leather...lol Be blessed Djac
  6. aw damn, I passed this up the other day when I ordered because of the chocolate...but i swear I kept going back to it and reading it and thinking "maybe I should order a sample"....now I am gonna have to order a sample or two for real. I loooooooves me some honey. Yes, ShellyB may indeed be the president of the club, but djac iz definitely an active subscribing well paying member of the HONEY HO club. lol djac djac
  7. This scent is so feminine sexy and yet professional, easily can be worn to work. It is not overly loud, but by golly JOC you are right, this baby last forever on me too...it is the BOMB!, and I can't believe the lotion is still just as lovely Still can't believe I came up with this one...definitely can believe how the Mara/Danna did such a wonderful job creating it.
  8. I do call it sex in a bottle...it never fails to do the trick. lol...You have to try it with LAM brown sugar or LAM original...You'll be made love to like you he never gave it to any other woman, believe this. Oh and if you want some added intense eroticism for yourself, add a dab of TUTH uner your nose.....WOW!!!!!!Horny, Hot, Heavenly times! This will always be one of my favs and I do have tons of it. I love the scent and I wear it more than anything else for my out on the town scent or my "Do not disturb sign on the door" nights...hehe
  9. Today was my first time wearing this one outside of sniffing in the vial. I agree with Luna, the lavendar is the stringest note for me, However.....................It is the prittiest lavendar scent by far. absolutely adorable. and yes, the vanilla lends a very cuddling feel to it and tames the floral for me. I have never showed a real preference for floral scents and have to be very careful wearing them. They really reak havoc with my allergies. But this is perfect. I love this floral in this one. I keep smelling my arms, I love it. I only had the sample, but so glad I ordered a bottle. This is gorgeous. I would wear this often. djac
  10. Congrats AG...way to go girl...I am celebrating with ya!...you eserve it. be happy, be blessed. djac
  11. Bless you calii, and BTW I have something for you...I will post in the trades "you have a blessing/gift thread" in a few days or by the weekend actually. be blessed, djac
  12. Luna you are right...definately a djac scent!...happy for the powdery (I love powdery and sheer), aquatic isn't my best friend and has to have other components to blend and/or rise above it. djac
  13. Yes, this one would make a great sleep LP...it is very well blended, and as someone else said, it is hard to detect "a" single note. It is very delicate and pretty, very summery, can be easily worn without being ravished by insects/bees in the summer Only problem is it doesn't last, but it is kinda worth the keep slathering on...would make a great scent to give to a teenager yet adults could easily carry this. I like it. Djac
  14. Now that is my take on this one... it is pretty but a little too candy sweet smelling to me...but then, I have never been much of a candy eater, nor do I care for sweets in general, so anything that smells candy sweet is nauseating to me, seriously, I will darn near hurl if someone stands to close to me eating nowlaters, lol...the sweetness has to have something to buffer it. That's funny though because I lovce love love Sugarred pure. djac
  15. Ditto to all that you said...and this is right in line with favs...LP Green, LP black, LP Silver and LP...oh hell, all the LP Love potions. lol To mee this one feels perfect for every season except summer. Djac ETA: heeeeey Fawn
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