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  1. Sigh, after seeing it, I was really really tempted to put in an order but there's a $30 minimum. That and I've already spent a bit over my budget. And it doesn't help that you're tempting me more!
  2. Mmm, this was the first scent I tried from LP. I believe this was a suggestion from someone from the PT forums... probably Bosshank. I asked for a nice scent that wasn't overpowering and stayed close to the skin and recommended Bodice Ripper. TBH I was a bit skeptical after reading about it and held off on the purchase till a few days later. I'm glad I got it though. =D When I first put it on, I thought it smelled really... heavy, complex. Probably because I'm use to really simple, bland scents that everyone else wears. After 30 minutes or so, I found myself starting to REALLY like it. I ended up using it for a week before I started to realize I was running out and had to force myself to try another sample. I have a hard time describing what it smells like, but I guess it's the manliest floral scent I have ever smelled. In retrospect, the description of it is good. When I first used it, I had no idea what to say about it. It just smelled GOOD. It gave me a lot of the "what is that smell?" impression followed by a moment where you try to collect your thoughts together to figure it out. I'm pretty empty with my sample over like 12 applications and I can barely put together a vague idea of what it smells like. I figure if women like it as much as I do, it can't be that bad. The floral scent in it is kinda what hits me first, but immediately following it is some scent I can't describe that turns it pretty masculine. Unfortunately for me, I missed seeing this on the sale list, but it is definitely worth buying a full bottle for IMO. It's one of my favorites of all the scents I've tried so far.
  3. Woo, finally found the thread. Miss right... now. This is one of the scents that I have a really hard time describing. This along with Bodice Ripper leaves me speechless and at a loss for words. Maybe because I'm smelling something I don't usually smell and don't know what it is or something. I can only describe it as a clean smelling musky scent. It has a very natural smell to it. It has a very, very, very subtle peppery sweet smell. It doesn't smell bad at all and I like it a good deal. It's a pity that I wasn't paying attention during an application and spilled half the sample, but it gives me a reason to perhaps order a full bottle the next time... unless I get tempted to try something else out.
  4. Hmm, snoopy, how sweet smelling is this? I'm not a fan of foody/sweet, but it sounds like a very interesting mix. Mark's tonka one seemed very interesting from the description and ingredients in it, but if that is even sweeter smelling I'm not sure I would get it. I guess I can deal with a sweet smell, but not too sugary if that makes sense. I THINK I know what sandalwood smells like and if it is what I think it is, I tend to like that smell. Is it a subtle sweet smell? Is the other mix by mark subtle? Or are both noticeable? Or noticeable once you think about it... or once you're told what is in it (like the chocolate). Is it very foody smelling? I find the smell of vanilla nice, but it depends. I went to a hotel in Vegas and they had an area that smelled of vanilla, but not just vanilla. It wasn't heavy but I liked it. Too much and it becomes nauseating for me. Could you enlighten me?
  5. Zeph

    Lava Rain

    I got a sample of this with my pendragon order. I don't really know how to describe the scent... as with most scents, but I'm not a very big fan of it. It has a smoky, spicy, sweet smell to it. I'm not too familiar with what an aquatic smell should smell like, but I don't pick that up... well for me, I have a bad sense of smell so I don't think that helps. I can definitely feel the "lava" in this mix though, I just don't think it fits me. It has a very I guess, bold, strong smell. I think its a very unique and noticeable smell.
  6. A few people have recommended this to me when I asked for a nature type smell. Excalibur is really green, really outdoors, really foresty... is that a word? Anyways, I found it initially pretty strong, maybe too strong, but it settles quickly and stays pretty close to the skin. It took a few applications before I started to really like the smell. It kind of makes me stand tall, feel a bit adventurous and puts a grin on my face. It's like you were dropped in the middle of a forest that's been untouched and unpolluted. Of all the... like 3 "forest/nature" scents I've tried, I think I like this scent the best. Then again, I tend to like most of the scents from LP so far.
  7. I got a full bottle of this after hearing about Snoopy's reviews on it. I ordered mine spiked with animism. Thought it might go well with the description of it. Initially, I thought it smelled similar to excalibur, though not as ... green? It's a pretty light smell and in comparison it smells sweeter, not that it smells sweet. It's become one of my preferred scents and I find that it seems to stay close to your skin which I enjoy. I dislike being the "cologne guy." It's a very nice, clean smell of something I can only describe as airy-nature. Not so heavy on the green/wood side. If this is what aquatic smells like, I guess I didn't know what it was supposed to smell like before. xD
  8. Zeph


    I got this as a sample from an order. First off, I'm not a fan of sweet smelling or foody scents... or that's what I think. Initially, I thought the scent was far too sweet and sugary for me, but after it settled I really liked it. I guess the best way for me to describe it is it is a sweet smelling aquatic scent. More so on the sweet side. I've found a lot of the scents from LP take a few days for me to warm up to but this one I found myself enjoying after the first use. I found out it was no longer made, but the sale somehow brought some of them out, so I ordered a bottle. Great scent, pushes the sweet boundary for me. ^^
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