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  1. Definitely not just a men's scent! It's actually not masculine at all on me. Being a fan of Sugared Bonfire, when I saw this was supposed to smell like a coconut bonfire, I had to have it. It smells exactly like you smashed a coconut into sugared bonfire and made it a bit smokier and more mysterious. That would probably be from the old, which gives it more depth and sensuality. The smoke is more of a veil of smoke, at least on me - much like Sugared Bonfire - so if you are a fan of that one and you're obsessed with coconut like I am, you'll love this.
  2. Of course I had to get this because COCONUT, and I'm a huge fan of Creamy Ylang and Sweet Little Pussycat so I knew this would be a hit - and it is. It's delicious creamy coconut and cocoa butter that dries down to reveal that heady, exotic ylang ylang that blends in smoothly with that creaminess and gives it a heightened sensuality that is deepened by the amber and myrrh as it dries down further. The resins deepen the scent but this is definitely coconut, cocoa and ylang ylang sorcery. I'm in love with this.
  3. I've loved tuberose ever since I was a kid and my aunt had a tuberose soap in her bathroom that I'd huff like a maniac. This is the lush, heady floral run all its glory over that delicious vanilla cake slathered in frosting. Neither overpowers the other; it's as gourmand as it is floral, a floral gourmand that doesn't sacrifice one aspect for the other, like something you'd get for dessert at a fancy tropical resort where edible flowers are the norm.
  4. I was nervous this one would smell like dirt on me, or overpowering cedar, but it smells like a chilly autumn night! No cedar chips here. It is woodsy, but not in the sense that would be too masculine for me or smelling like a hamster cage. Think the trees outside in late October. There are hints of earth and something damp and cool that could be midnight dew or morning frost. The sandalwood must be what tames the cedar here. It even goes a little sweet (my skin has a tendency to do that). While I amp some types of cedar I also amp sandalwood, and here it won the carnival game.
  5. I had to get the June bottle set...I had to...normally not a thing I let myself do outside Halloween but they all sound so gorgeous.
  6. My mind is saying give me more PEs....while my wallet trembles in fear.
  7. Only medium? I'd say red musk in general has a pretty strong throw even as a room spray (without body chemistry in in the way to amp it). I do amp it but even for someone who doesn't, there are some un-pheroed red musk scents that are definitely NSFW. And after something of a hiatus, I'm back! Bottles of LP Valentine, Creamed Honey and Tantalize this time.
  8. This IS out of this world. There is an aspect of this that reminds me of a vintage Body Shop musk I used to love (that one was a white musk), but it is so, so, so much more than that. To me it's as if the best parts of every type of musk have gone into this, without any of the really animalic ones that tend to go plasticky on my skin. There is also a slight sweetness to it that is not at all overpowering. I can only imagine what this is going to turn into as it ages.
  9. This is a lifesaver. I'm already a Balm Bomb devotee, as some of you may know, but the scent just adds to it in that it's very calming and embraces you like a warm, fluffy towel or comforter or--something warm and fluffy. It isn't a stereotypical lavender vanilla but gets a lot of depth (and also a lot of its comforting vibe) from drydown of oakmoss, musk and amber, which interplay so well with the dominant notes. It's definitely in the To Soothe a Broken Heart family of scents so if you're as crazy about that one as I am, you need this. More like needed it yesterday.
  10. Harrison asked for a raisin-tobacco scent, and I think I hit this one spot on. A base of non-foody vanilla blended with cured tobacco and roasted tea leaves, layered with a thick raisin note and a few drops of bourbon. This is an amazing fall-to-winter scent. It's got the cozy smokiness of tobacco and tea, with deliciously sticky raisins soaked in bourbon. I get plenty of booze in this one, which I was hoping for, and no, it doesn't make me smell like I've been drinking all night. The raisin note here is very different from a grape or wine note (both of which often go cloying on me), close
  11. I think it's Lady Marmalade. You know what this reminds me of? Even though there's no actual cheesecake accord, it makes me think of one of the best cheesecakes I ever had in my life, which was this ungodly concoction with a citrusy flavor to it and a good dose of triple sec to round it out. Except this is even better, because it's like taking that cheesecake and adding creamy coconut and toasty hazelnut. Where is the "cheesecake" feeling coming from? Probably the buttercream, white chocolate and banana. It's a thick, delicious scent that manages not to cross the line into cloying territory.
  12. That Kind of Girl. I suppose I am when it comes to perfume, at least.
  13. Love, love, LOVE anything marzipan so of course I had to get this. It is exactly what it sounds like--lost of delicious vanillaed marzipan, with a dash of spice that makes it feel warmer and more autumnal. I think the pear and slight bit of wood contributed to that feeling too, though they don't interfere with the marzipan but just complete that cozy feeling around it. I'm going to be reaching for this a lot now that it's getting cooler out.
  14. I'm actually glad they're coming in October--or really, my wallet is. cough *Maradosomethingwithpumpkinbeerimdyingtoseepumpkinbeernobodyeverdoesit* cough
  15. This smells exactly like fresh-baked pumpkin bread, but better because of the frosting note (as much as I wish I could eat frosting on my pumpkin bread, if I did that every day my clothes wouldn't fit). I really get more of a creamy vanilla frosting than a pink sugar frosting, which is more obvious in Unreasonable Pumpkin. Actually, after forgetting the notes the first time around I was hoping it would skew predominantly pumpkin cake and vanilla so WIN!
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