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  1. Definitely not just a men's scent! It's actually not masculine at all on me. Being a fan of Sugared Bonfire, when I saw this was supposed to smell like a coconut bonfire, I had to have it. It smells exactly like you smashed a coconut into sugared bonfire and made it a bit smokier and more mysterious. That would probably be from the old, which gives it more depth and sensuality. The smoke is more of a veil of smoke, at least on me - much like Sugared Bonfire - so if you are a fan of that one and you're obsessed with coconut like I am, you'll love this.
  2. Of course I had to get this because COCONUT, and I'm a huge fan of Creamy Ylang and Sweet Little Pussycat so I knew this would be a hit - and it is. It's delicious creamy coconut and cocoa butter that dries down to reveal that heady, exotic ylang ylang that blends in smoothly with that creaminess and gives it a heightened sensuality that is deepened by the amber and myrrh as it dries down further. The resins deepen the scent but this is definitely coconut, cocoa and ylang ylang sorcery. I'm in love with this.
  3. I only WISH I could teleport over there so I could go to the Psychic Faire. I'm an empath, and other empaths tend to read me easily (let me just say I've had previous experiences). Why does everything awesome have to be on the West Coast?! Except New York Comic Con. But other than that I live in a state famous for nuclear power plants. Really, really curious about the notes in Embla. I'm a bit obsessed with runes and mystical symbols.
  4. Gingerbread latte, I have found you at last!!!! This more than makes up for DD discontinuing what was one of my favorite lattes after pumpkin, and it's more caramelly than that too, with the added vanilla marshmallow bonus that makes it way more decadent than anything I'd actually drink in the morning but would huff like crazy any time of day. It's like Gothic Latte's younger, sweeter sister. Love.
  5. This is one of those scents that can't be judged by sniffing the bottle, because that won't do it justice in the least. For just a second, it seems lie an olfactory cacophony of different elements trying to make themselves known - especially the coffee vs. the blue elements vs. the vanilla and chestnut. But it isn't a deathmatch forever! Leave it on for a minute and it completely morphs into the velvety night sky it was intended capture. The coffee and blueberry end up not clashing at all in the end, and I've actually had blueberry coffee so I can testify as to them being able to work together. What I love about this is how it paints a cohesive picture without sacrificing or overpowering anything. There is coffee and labdanum that ground it, the vanilla and chestnut that color in the heart, and the ethereal blueberry-violet musk that is like a clear purplish-indigo sky at midnight. Anything with a nocturnal theme calls my name, and I am so glad I took a chance on this one.
  6. If I could put a smell to the distant shadows of the Night Circus (there are actually a lot of smells evoked in that book), it would be this. It's sheer and dark at the same time, swirled with both incensey and gourmand elements that suggest magic, mysticism, and of course a hint of the delectable sweets in those black-and-white striped tents. This is what you want to wear for when you feel like enigmatic, behind a dusky veil. As I'm a creepy vampire bat, it goes without saying this is my type of scent.
  7. I figured the same, it would be overkill for Mara to do so much! The only reason I asked is I didn't want to end up placing two back-to-back orders and making her pay unnecessary Paypal fees. Oh and DRIVE BY FRUITING - best name ever. I remember seeing that movie in the theater when I was 8 and then getting violently ill with the flu after, but I'd never laughed so hard in my life up until then.
  8. Valentine's presents from me to meeeeeeee.......there are a few I'm definitely getting bottles of, but I'm so curious about so many of them! Are there any PEs for this month?
  9. Hi Mara, could I please reserve one bottle each of Soul Smudge, Femme Fatale and Kizz Me?
  10. I've loved tuberose ever since I was a kid and my aunt had a tuberose soap in her bathroom that I'd huff like a maniac. This is the lush, heady floral run all its glory over that delicious vanilla cake slathered in frosting. Neither overpowers the other; it's as gourmand as it is floral, a floral gourmand that doesn't sacrifice one aspect for the other, like something you'd get for dessert at a fancy tropical resort where edible flowers are the norm.
  11. So much better than store-bought apple pie. This actually reminds me of that other candy apple one that sold out years ago, but it turns out even better on my skin. I love how the cotton candy sweeps you up in that summer fair feeling, but the lemon and amber keep it from getting overwhelmingly sweet, especially with a chemistry like mine that tends to magically add sugar to everything (sometimes that's a blessing but sometimes it's a curse). It's gourmand, but a fresh and airy gourmand that isn't too heavy for hot weather while not being way too summery for cool weather.
  12. I was nervous this one would smell like dirt on me, or overpowering cedar, but it smells like a chilly autumn night! No cedar chips here. It is woodsy, but not in the sense that would be too masculine for me or smelling like a hamster cage. Think the trees outside in late October. There are hints of earth and something damp and cool that could be midnight dew or morning frost. The sandalwood must be what tames the cedar here. It even goes a little sweet (my skin has a tendency to do that). While I amp some types of cedar I also amp sandalwood, and here it won the carnival game.
  13. Wait. I never reviewed this one and I was its creator?! Aging has made this even more delicious, if that's even possible. It doesn't just smell like Nutella but the gooey filling of some sort of gourmet Nutella tart you'd spend half the day making from a recipe off Pinterest. It's all chocolate in the beginning, and then the wonderful aroma of toasted hazelnuts slowly starts to mingle with that as it dries down. Nutella is too sweet for me in real life but this is how it ought to be--deep and chocolatey, sweet but not saccharine. My friend who I dreamed this up for wanted to eat it.
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