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    Pretty much anything spiritual fascinates me. Lets just say for now that I work in counseling and communications and that impacts my spiritual beliefs.

    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. 1 FB LIbertine 1 FB Conjurer THANK YOU!!
  2. I know a LOT of posties and none of them are fans of DeJoy. He is doing his best to destroy the Post Office.
  3. As a guy, I would love to smell this on a woman! Also, the phero blend is unisex so I don’t see why it’d be a problem.
  4. I just love this scent. Masculine. Green. Woodsy. Classic. It really is a great scent. It also pairs quite well with The Love God. I was wearing Excalibur boosted with The Love God today and had a very nice day. It was a much more upbeat and snuggly day than yesterday. Yesterday was phero free and BRUTAL.
  5. Not yet. Life, err finances got in the way. Still on my wish list to get, though.
  6. What would you like to know about it? Hunter Trapper is a very good date night Phero combo. Not only is it attractive to women but it has a wonderful emotional ‘hook’ to it as well. People around the wearer are attracted to them but also feel more emotionally connected as well.
  7. For the record, this has aged VURRY well. Gents the women in your life will really enjoy this scent. Trust me on that.
  8. I'm still finding this to be a great relationship pheromone but also one that seems to trap others in it's phero goodness. There is a LOT of beta-androstenol in this and that really helps the bonding feelings it tends to promote. I love how well this works as an overall people good mood maker as well. I saw that just this morning. I was wearing UN for Men scent boosted with 3M and everyone in my phero cloud started getting into a better and better mood. It also works great with any romantic partners as well. Try it, you'll like it!
  9. Snoopyace


    Honestly, your review hit the nail on the head. This smells AMAZING on my bride!
  10. I could totally see this being unisex. I LOVE the reactions I get from people when I wear this. It has such a warm snuggly vibe. I bought it boosted with Charisma and it is great with that but I want a bottle boosted with either 3M or TLG. Snuggly Pheros for a snuggly scent.
  11. So I let this sit and settle just a few weeks and I like it even it more than before. It has gotten even more smooth and all the various components just meld perfectly. It is fantastic. I'm going to have to get this with either MMM or TLG because it is great with Charisma but I want a more snuggly phero to combine it with.
  12. My wife always has a very positive reactions to Mark's MILF Magnet or The Love God but I did make them specifically for our relationship.
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