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  1. Sorry!! I love this scent! The pepper mellows out and the honey lingers on .. and on... and on.... I think (think) there may be civet in this. Reminds me a bit of Joire De.
  2. Good point. Probably "professional" isn't the right word I was going for. What I was looking for was a connection between the people I interacted with. What mostly happened was that I was treated like a beautiful, shiny, enchanting piece of glitter. A piece of glitter that *everybody wanted to own.* But, aside from my partner, the casual people I talked with (less than 20 minutes) seemed to find it easy to talk over me or barrel through me. For instance: A sample convo with EP: Me: I like the red. It's really- Male: You like red? Man, I love read too! You know what, I made red. True fact. In fact, I designed it myself. You know, you'd look good in red, and you'd look even better in red on my arm. I look good in red too, and I bet we'd look good in red together. Did I tell you I made red? Cause, like, it was hard to make red, but I'm so happy I made red, cause I did it just so that you would like it. Do you know how much I made when I made red? Man, I am rolling in red dough right now. Wanna spend some of my red money? What I did was add a splash of betanol to the back of my head after I applied the EP on Sunday, just as a test to see if I'd get more of a connected communication from casual chatters. This is what happened (same convo example): Me: I like red. I really think it's a provocative color. Male: Wow, I really like red too. I think red would look fabulous on you. You could really wear it well. You know, that says a lot about you, what color you like. What other colors do you like? How do you feel about other colors? Had some pretty great convos with people on Sunday, from my partner to random strangers to causal acquaintances I ran into. The betanol seemed to shift me from a captivating piece of glitter to an actual interactive pretty face and body.
  3. @ Luna - word. (And yes. Fish in a barrel. Aside from SP. He's got his head on straight.) Pheros are awesome, but you drive it. You make it what it is. Def having a fun second day. Within 3 minutes of arriving, one stranger literally bowed down and started "worshipping" me. Older guy, more socially in tune than others, but still. Literally said "o holy woman, your presence blesses us."
  4. Wild, Wild day with my Extracuricular Proclivities test vial. I'm at an all-weekend shindig, and I wore my Extracuricular Proclivities (EP) with Bang! yesterday. Omg. I'm at a nerd convention, and while it's a pretty outrageous sausage fest, most of these guys haven't seen a woman before.... ever. Other than on WOW or the like. Knowing this, I - of course - wore EP and my body-hugging orange sheath dress that went down to *maybe* mid-thigh. I was breakneck dangerous BEFORE pheros. I literally stopped traffic. Stopped people walking in their tracks, stopped cars, etc. What an ego boost. Inside and around the people, I was stared at, talked about, and followed around. There was a buzz around and behind me, an almost celebrity-esque type of chatter. Awesome. People saw me, followed me, and then came back aroudn later to find me again and check in. "Had such a good time chatting with you...." (we said 2 words) "Wow, you look even more beautiful..." ".... omg, so this is my friend who I said would fall in love with you..." This stuff works great. Then came the three marriage proposals from three total strangers. The first guy was brash and bold and came right up and introduced himself, asked if I had a "man" (no), and then proceeded to take my hand and walk me around the convention hall while chatting up a freaking storm. There was a lot of peacocking and verbal posturing. Lots of dropping how much $$ he makes (yawn), how much dough he was rolling in (yaaaaawn), and how successful he was (good for you). Lots of face rubbing, hair smoothing, and shifting back and forth. Definitely under an effect! I managed to escape him through a successful emergency-friend intervention, and I went back to my protective pack of girlfriends. Not five minutes later, they were all in one booth area talking to the vendor and I was waiting outside. The booth was small, I wasn't interested, and I took teh time to check my blackberry. A guy saw me. Made a beeline - or, more approriately, a lion's charge. I didn't see this, but I've heard from others, and the gut-busting laughter from my (worthless) friends was my first warning. So, buddy boy puts his hand over my blackberry - that I am looking at in my hands - and waits for me to look up in shock/surprise. He stares at me, then *purrs/growls,* "...are you taken?" Excuse me? "Are you taken? Or can I buy you a drink?" OH! Oh, wow. Umm. Very flattered. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it, and I respect the courage that took. Thank you so much. "Was that a yes?" He wouldn't stop. I had to tell him we'd see each other again on the convention floor the next day just to get him to leave. Again, worthless friends did nothing to help. For the rest of the afternoon, I saw Guy # 2 casually stroll by me no less than 38 times. Oh so subtle. I ended up hanging out with my friend/SP, the guy I wanted to see at this place, and he's *delighted* to see me. He's working there, but oh no, no more work for him once I show up. He's pulling out a chair for me, talking to me and wanting his customers/clients to go away (whoops!), and tons and tons of face rubbing and hair smoothing body language. Compliments like whoa. Yep, definitely good to go. Guess who's vendor exhibit got *packed* after I showed up? Mmmhmmm. I was going to leave so he could focus on his clients. "NO!" So I am literally standing next to him, and he's practically standing right against my body. No confusion here about what he thinks, and he's projecting "ownership" to everything and everyone. Does that stop marriage proposal #3? No, not at all. A guy comes up who I've seen and chatted with wandering around a few times, and he steps close and whispers in my ear that I better tell "my man" that he's the luckiest guy on the planet. I have it all - the looks, the personality, and - the serious clincher - a wicked cool Star Wars purse. OMG. He'd marry me if the other guy - evil eyes at my friend - won't. My Star Wars purse clinched that deal? Wow. Imma have to wear that *daily!* So I laugh and thank him profusely and tell him that's sweet and kind, etc. He stays and tells me he's serious. Thank you! Thank you! *move along move along* My SP comes to my rescue then, swooping in and dragging me back to his side, Slave Tattooine Leia style. So it was a question about whether or not SP and I were going to hang out last night (before I showed up). After I showed up? No question. None at all. In fact, he barely let me leave for dinner with my friends. We made plans to meet up after both our dinners for some drinks and fun. Later comes and he invites me out to drinks with his friends - big, highpowered gaming executives and literary/creative types. Lots of brainpower and wallet depth at that dive bar. SP can't keep his hands off of me, and keeps looking at me, smiling, etc. We sing Police covers on the jukebox all night long and laugh the evening away. Time for the sexy times! Whoa, yeah, so there was deifnitely a hit it hard element going on. Man, he was more intense than ever. Great stuff. Well done. So then we're basking in our afterglow and chit chatting, and he gets... very very interested in me emotionally. He was *huffing* my neck (application) all during sexy timez, and now he wants to know "omg everything" about me. Even the boring politics about my work place. When I shrug out of answering his questions about my office - long, dull, and stupid - he presses. "No, really, like what?" Wow, he does want to know. Cool. So I open up back to him, and ... I'm thinking that perhaps some of why we never made the step from SP's to relationship over the year+ we've known each other has been - perhaps - because he thinks I was holding back emotionally. He's commented before on how independent, strong, and confident I am. That I am just like batman. It was revealing for me, last night, that talk. And he wanted to know when I was coming to his neck of the woods (whenwhenwhenwhen). Unfortunately the answer right this moment is "not planned," but I did tell him I was totally open to making a special visit. He smiled but didn't say anything. Anyway, I digress. So, emotional convo of depth and connection... and then we made love. Different than the hit it hard. Slow, sweet, still intense, but much much different. First time ever. So, uhh, yeah. Wow. Interesting. I'm back at my (utterly superflous) hotel room now, eating breakfast before the convention begins for the day. Slipped out with a good morning kiss to Mr. Sleepy (but Happy) Head. (And I smelled like sugar cookies in the morning.) I wore a grand total of 1/6th my sample vial yesterday, freshened up at 4 hour intervals with one finger dab to my throat. And that's it. As far as fragrance goes, the pepper leaps off my skin first, and then mellows to dark amber and dark berry. There's an undercurrent of honey that keeps it JUST deep enough for me. I LOVE honey scents, and I want to actually see this phero in something like Phero Girl or Une. The pheros in it - tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone especially - have always sent me to a heady, visual-cortex-stimulating place, and along with the -anone, the whole effect makes me feel like I'm in the midst of a honeyed-buzz summer afternoon. One thing I noticed was that, aside from my SP, most all guys I interacted with viewed me as more of Meat than Meat+Brains. I'm sure this came from the heavy cops in the Bang, but if there was a way to add a respect or intellectual element to this, that might be an amazing combo. I know this isnt really supposed to be used as a social mix, but it does give off a great popularity vibe. Aside from the totally overt sexuality, this was the closest thing I've found to MX135. MX135 + bathing in cops was the effect. I think I'll have to try the SS4W to see if the effects minus cops are still the same. Oh! Oh! The icing on the cake! So, my SP is kind of a Big Deal at this thing, and he told me he got stopped in the lobby (not unusual) by random people from the day. ... They asked him about me. Forget him, the big shit at this thing. Oh no, they wanted to know more about me. Off to Day Two! WIsh me luck!
  5. Wow, thank you guys SOO much! I have had the most amazing day with my trial vial of Extracuricular Activities. 3 Marriage Proposals from *complete* strangers. The application tips and amounts are spot on and perfect. I used about 1/6th of the sample vial. Longer report to come! thank you for all of your advice!!
  6. *goes to check* No, I don't see anything. Why do you ask?
  7. I am testing LFM today, and so far.... not much. Two sprays to the neck in 60/40 alcohol/dpg, and one spray to the forearms, split and rubbed. Covered in Lor's Honey Strawberry Musk on the forearms. No real self effects. Nothing different for me. I feel totally normal. No hits from people I pass. No second glances, no eye slides, no indications that I've blipped a radar on anyone. My gay male coworker was oddly chatty to me though. I've noticed a possible trend with gay male hits on this one. He is not a close friend - just a work acquaintence - and all we ever do is say good morning to each other in each other's offices. He kept chatting and talking to me about nothing. It was fun. A possible success. My boss came by and almost broke his neck when he saw me. He's very sensitive to scents and I have to be careful with what I wear. He said hi as he always does, but normally it's a "hi" over the shoulder as he breezes by my office. Today he looked and held my eyes as he walked past, then when he came back, scrapped and drummed his fingers over the wall outside my office, walked by the door, spun around in a circle, giggled, and then spun around in a circle again. Was doing pirouettes. Then he ran into the wall. Then he left. And never came back. That was interesting, but kind of random. Cool if this is something that works for him, but for .... everyone else.... nada. Are people layering this with other pheros and/or cops? How many sprays are people using? Suggestions? Thanks!!
  8. So I ordered ten billion samples and I have found a (large) handful I want to wear (as I immediately return to the store to order *all the bottlez*). What's an accurate and good "dose equivalent" of a sampler tube of ... say, Cuddle Bunny phero perfume? I'll be ordering the oil soon, but since I want to wear it sooner than it will arrive (can it be beamed to my house, plz?) how much from a sample tube would be a good "roll" or even "spray" equivalent from a regular size order? For reference, between 2-3 sprays is my normal sweet spot for *most* pheros. More on the 2 side than the three side. How much [Cuddle Bunny or Phero Perfume X Sample Tube] = [X sprays/rolls of Cuddle Bunny or Phero Perfume X Full Size] ?? The whole sample vial? Should I pour it all on zee body? For some of these perfumes (ALL the honeys!) I would *bathe* in the oil if I could! Thank you!!
  9. I recommend tattoos for everyone! I love them. I have ... nine right now. I think. Yeah, nine. All coverable. I'll find the good pic of this tattoo when I get back to my laptop. If you can figure out my avatar, you'll know where I am going. Thank you again for everything, Mara!!
  10. Thanks! Happy to be here! I've been using pheros for a while, had a looooooong break, and now am getting back into the fun again. Yeah, I was surprised at first at how *social* the mix was. Then, after I posted and went back and read the responses, I saw how other people got a social or popularity vibe with it. Im definitely interested in how the upping of the does led to more of a "ghosting" effect though. No need for extra sprays on this one! Anyone have any inisght to the -none in the mix? I am young, no BC, and have a healthy copulin production naturally, so I project a pertty strong signal in many different areas. "Intimidating" is the word most often used to describe me - all 5'3, 115 lbs, high heel and sheath-dress wearing me! Socials that soften are great for me. In the ole' AD lingo, I am a natural TAL girl, but LOVED TAH. I'm trying LFM today. So far, not much. Nothing in the way of self effects and only one reaction in all. A good one, but only one. I've never had good results from androstadienone though. Something about that =/= me. *shrug* Thanks again!!
  11. Oh lord. *embaressed* I'm truly the ONLY person on the planet that has this tattoo. I had to scout the nation for a person even willing to put it on me! It's.... very identifying. ....... lemme dig up a good pic!
  12. ............... It's a super-nerdy tattoo. It's a tattoo of a very, very popular mixture of comicbook and movie heroes. The art is amazing - true art work - but the nerd factor pushes it over the top! I'm stopped and complimented on it *at least* three times a week. Best. Tattoo. Ever. .... and I'm off to a geek comic convention with pheros in hand!
  13. Old thread, but trying to keep the reviews all in line. So I ordered a bunch of stuff and one of the little bottles of treasure that came was UN BI. Of course, I couldn't help myself, and I tore into the box as soon as it arrived at my office. Like a little kid, I tore into the plastic wrap around the spray bottles.... and the UN BI hit my nose! Good Lord! The cheese! The cheese! Sheepishly, I put it under my desk for later. Whoops!! Later came. I had a bunch of errands to do after work, so I sprayed some of the UN BI on in the car and let it dry down. 3 sprays, 1x, 60/40 alcohol/DPG. The cheese smell vanished VERY quickly, leaving a very subtle musk scent. I covered with a sample sniffy I got (Kimberly's Honey Berry, which is FABULOUS), and spent the rest of the half hour drive huffing and inhaling the awesome pheros and the *awesome* honey-berry scent. Self effects were pronounced. I was happy, upbeat, talkative, and cheerful. I also got a bit turned on. Great, now I have cops in two places!! First errand: Oil Change. I get to the oil change place and at first it's all business. Then the guy sees my tattoo on my arm - possibly the *nerdiest* tattoo ever, but extremely cool. He flips out, and suddenly I am a badass, his new best friend, and he's very close to me. I get a free car wash. He's super happy. later on, he ends up in teh waiting area (and not servicing my car...) and is loudly cajoling the women at the cash register, as I am paying, to give me a huge discount. Really egging her on. He wants me to have a huge discount. I'm awesome. I'm amazing. He'll "give [the cash register lady] half of his salary.... which is $50k." Said very luodly and right next to me. Lots of body language. Peacocking a bit? I expected the lady to be a bit standoffish, but she was super nice and friendly, even with being harassed about my awesomeness. And I did get a discount. I finaly leave, after my free car wash ends up being a super deluxe free car wash, and end up at Jamba Juice for a quick dinner. The guy behind the counter is doing something else across the store, then RUNS over to serve me and pushes the other girl behind the counter away. He lights up, he's upbeat, excited and happy. And then HE sees my tattoo, and he starts exclaiming and jumping and bouncing all around. Cue a 10 minute conversation about how awesome I am. He really liked me and told me to come back, but there was not an overt sexual vibe here. It was very, very social. I had to run home for several hours and then hit the local walmart. Before heading out, I sprayed another 3 sprays. Let's test high doses! I think I got high. It felt like I was on Woozy Floozy. I was a space cadet, blitzed on happy, couldn't think straight, and couldn't keep my shopping list in my head. And I didn't care at all about how much of a special little starfish I was. I received LESS hits with more. People would look at me (older guys mainly, one DIHL from an older dude), but most would look away. Or would not look at me at all. I had dramatically decreased hits from MORE, other than the totally HIGH feeling. This is a very upbeat and positive mix. For me and for the people I interacted with, it seemed to hit *more* on the social side. How much Anol is in here, anyway? Unfortunately, I didn't have a sexual partner to try out the *other* particulars on... but hopefully this weekend. Also, since I did end up spraying so much... how much -none is in here? Should I begin -none decontamination procedures? Thanks!
  14. Hi Mara! You're the Bomb! Got my package today (shipped *yesterday!* Wow!) and THANK YOU for the freebie! I was shocked and delighted! Thanks!!
  15. Nope. This was a large purchase that I actually never broke in before I quit cold turkey several years ago. So, rather unhelpfully, I have no idea if this stuff worked before or not. However, I have tried Anol on me with cops before, and I've never actually had a successful reaction from the mix. Successful meaning anything out of the ordinary from what is "normal" for me to get in public and from strangers. So, putting aside the QC issues (which could very well be something), what else could be up with the dud of anol and cops on me? As far as "doses" are concerned, I'm using my standard social level of cops (known quantity for me) and I've tried anywhere from 20 - 70 mcg of Anol. Nothing. I purchased a sample vial of the same anol/cops/est mix from here, so I'm hoping that testing LP's phero mix will be better than my own fumbling attempts. (I have learned I am NOT a successful mixer. At All.) Thank you for responding!!
  16. Awesome. So sorry for the headache and additional trouble. Thank you again for everything!!!
  17. Good evening, I'm looking for some advice and feedback. Had a bunch of stuff from The Other Place and shelved it one day several years ago. Never looked at it again. Until last year and I moved and found my box and had a chuckle over the memories. Played a bit again. Another year goes by. The box has moved from the closet to the bathroom cupboard and from the bathroom cupboard to the sink hutch. I keep eyeing it. Okay, I started using them again. (I feel a bit like I've fallen off the wagon admitting that.) The problem is, nothing is seeming to "work" anymore. One of the main "mixes" I have been trying to wear (and tweak) has been a mix of Anol, Cops, and a bit of EST, just to try and ease back in slowly. Nada. Nothing out of the ordinary for me. I've tweaked higher, tweaked lower. Nothing. Nothing that wouldn't have happened anyway if I was just naked. When I wear cops on their own - success! Mixing with any of the stuff in my stash - nada. Truth be told, I only have ONE phero from here - Sparkle Fuscia w/ Cougar - and it works well, especially if I add some cops on me. The smell is absolutely phenom as well. I just placed an order and have several on their way - La Femme Mystere, Sexscapde, BI, and Heart & Soul. This is where I will be purchasing from now on. So. Question time. Because it's been so long, have the bottles I have "gone bad?" Worn off? Weren't all that awesome or wonderful to begin with? Should I just ignore them and wait for the real stuff to arrive? Am I "doing it wrong?" Any advice for trying to get back in the groove? Thank you!
  18. Oh, good lord! No! I don't think you're ignoring anyone! I'm sorry if it came off that way. It's high time you had a great vaca! Welcome back!! BTW, my order was placed on Friday afternoon and I promptly realized I was an idiot and gave the wrong shipping information. I sent an email with the corrected shipping address (billing and shipping addresses are states apart...), but since you have ten million emails, would you like me to PM you the corrected information and order #? Please let me know how I can best help you fix my mistake.
  19. Whoops! I'm in the same boat you are. I didn't realize she was on vacation and placed an order yesterday (with customs) with expedited shipping. Should have done my homework! C'est la vie. Oh well! Was hoping to parade some of the scents around at a conference next weekend though.
  20. I guess when I meant phero bomb, I meant loads and loads of sprays. I was only thinking of tiny amounts, and only because I/we don't fully know what's in Cougar. I totally agree - overloading on extra stuff is never good. But, if there was a "hole" that could be filled with "name your phero," then I was just wondering if it could. What are other people's experiences with Sparkle Fuschia? The "vibe" i'm going for is "best, most interesting, most amazing woman ever." I generally get that anyway, sans phero. JK. The reasonings behind each possibility were: EST- soften the cops, be a little more warmer, softer, etc. BNol - little more emotional intimcay Anol- Good times, esp with Cops! Cops - ... Sparkle Fuschia - Smells amazing, really fabulous, soft, fun, sparkly. (Just don't know about the "brew" and quantities, which I know is protected.) Thank you so much for your input!!
  21. Hello there, I'm an old phero user but new to these boards. I'm back in the game after a long absence and I'm just a wee bit rusty on a few things. I wanted to run a mix idea by ya'll to see if anyone had any suggestions! It's an important date kind of deal. Congruence-wise, I am a TAL girl, but TAH just works SO well on me. I have experience wearing cops and used to slather it on my legs mixed in with a brown-sugar and vanilla lotion. I used to make some mixes that were big hits... and several that bombed. <---- Background. I purchased the Sparkle Fuschia perfume with the Stone Cougar phero blend and I LOVE it. (I personally think it's the replacement for MX135.) It's delicious and wonderful and made me feel amazing. Definite hits. I'm totally using that. I also want to add some cops in, but I'm debating on how much. I used to slather it on in the past, but in this instance, I'm wondering how much I want to use. In addition, I want to keep it fun and upbeat (Anol) and yet also possibly with a turn toward intimacy and emotional closeness (Bnol). Also thought about a spritz of EST. What I DONT want is to be a phero bomb-cloud. So, what do you all think? Sparkle Fuschia + Stone Cougar Cops Est Anol Bnol Anything else? Anything removed? Anything subbed? At this point, I don't have time before the date to order anything, but any suggestions going forward are fantastic! I also have an expansive "library" of individual pheros, so if you can recommend some good blends, I'm all ears! Thank you in advance.
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