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  1. I'm going to be buying way too many of these. Along with sale freebies ... I'll have to get another perfume storage box!
  2. So do we include our freebie requests in the invoice email and also post on the sale thread to reserve them?
  3. THAT ART. 😍 I really want to buy some of the artist's work!
  4. Have you tried Toujours Belle? If you like that fruity resin combo, you'll probably like that!
  5. This has turned into a favorite of mine for the summer. It dries down into a sweet berry trifle or fruity-creamy dessert fluff kind of smell on me. I love it.
  6. This one is definitely a fruity sugarbomb on me. I'm not really getting the ginger or cream at all. This reminds me of making mixed fruit Jello for my dad when I was a kid. It's nostalgic.
  7. This stuff is AMAZING for selfies for me. I put some on in Sugar Pie Honey Bun for what would be a pretty drab day at work and I'm in a fantastic mood. Like, I'm smiling alone at my desk at 930 in the morning, which NEVER happens because I hate mornings. 😊😊😊😊
  8. This one is so yummy. When it first goes on, it smelled like literal candy on me: all honey and chocolate. After a couple of hours it dries down into a soft chocolatey amber.
  9. I never got the chance to try the original Bang. Is this a blend that I could wear out on the town with the girls, or is it so sexual that it's better to keep it for fun behind closed doors?
  10. I put a little bit of this in my part on the top of my head the last time I hung out with the guy I'm seeing because I wanted him to get a good whiff when we were cuddling. About halfway through the night, I was laying next to him and he grabs my head, shoves his face into my hair, takes a big sniff and goes, "Oh my god, your hair smells SO f***ing good!" πŸ˜‚ I'm glad Mara made another batch of this with the Gotcha 2.0 because it's a winner.
  11. For some reason this reminds me of Lure of the Siren from 2011? I think? They don't have any ingredients in common, but the watery character of this one is making me think of Lure of the Siren.
  12. This smells like a warm yummy cinnamon roll. I loveeee it.
  13. I've got this one coming and I'm definitely excited. Honestly I would have ordered it just for the name πŸ˜…
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