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  1. Good Evening, I got a happy e-mail today regarding my purchase has been shipped to me. Another few days and it'll arrive, this weekend should be alluring.
  2. Awaiting, the precious, phero's, ("drive by fruiting", w. open windows) ,getting ready to go out of town, to the next city/suburs, mm, iam smelling them on there way eating pears and peaches, looking out the car window. the fig and honey concept sounds delicious.
  3. aww, love October and autumn, that looked fun, going to grab few things of magick, mmm "liquid shadow"
  4. this up coming week iam getting "flying potion", cant wait. Purchase Wednesday,
  5. Mmm, love these , they work well to attract company and different magnetic things... hehehe hopefully for the best
  6. mmmm more oils, like L.P. red, and stuff from the sale, all these assorted oils from sugared scents. delicious!!!
  7. Good evening, Happy New Year all, , I recieved my purchase, its mmmmm
  8. Dear Friends, With some good news, I got the shippment!!! Thank you!!!
  9. Dear friends, I track the package that displayed today "Out for delivery", Unfortunately, the mail man ended up putting the mail box in the mail instead of my front door like my note read, now i have to wait till my older sister gets back because she has the key to the mail. ugh!! many thanks
  10. Hey, seems like the package is experiencing some delays, I was able to track it today, Tomorrow looks like the arrival time, yes its late
  11. Ok, thank you. I will check on Monday then again and get back to you.
  12. Dear Mara, Please look at your email. I sent you a few of them. I haven't received my package. It was shipped like a week ago and was suppose to come in the mail by today but I think it got lost in the mail. Please, resend. Thank you with kindness, AG
  13. I just placed a purchase, there all romantic looking for May
  14. Hey guys, iam back, haven't been on here in a bit, iam excited, the cost for May 2015 oils are awsome. Everything looks delicious.
  15. This is an elegant scent, its great for business meetings on me. Soft smell yet classy, xoxoxox!
  16. I want to purchase all the yummy florals, pheros, and vanilla's. I love oils and the oils on this site are delicious, can't get enough. Mint and vanilla are so gourges layered on me in the winter time. I also love nag champa, its a bit more enpensive and harder to find in a buy but it smells sexy and alluring.
  17. Awaiting for something jazzy sweet from the new releases...yummy....
  18. Awaiting for my goodies to come in the mail. Should be tomorrow... ...hopefully tomorrow... i can't wait to sniff the passionate scent..mmmm.....
  19. My purchase has been shipped mmmm!!!! yummy goodies! Happy Saturday everyone!
  20. hmmm ....thinking of what you guys could be brewing? can't wait to see the new releases stalk, stalk, stalk....
  21. Hey Guys, Can't wait to see the new sniffies
  22. Waiting for my delightful sniffs to arrive, it'll make me happy, actually happier
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