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  1. Cuddle Bunny does have a "virgin" option, so I'm not sure whether there are pheros. Was that only offered recently? But it definitely sounds like it's the perfume and not the UN if it smells like laundry.
  2. Light and dark chocolates blended with milky hazelnut and a bit of darkest amber, to bring out the bittersweetness. (Didn't see a thread for this, hope I'm not duplicating!) My brother practically swooned and said, "you smell like chocolate!" This is a wonderfully true Nutella scent with excellent throw, and it fills the air with drool-worthy chocolatey goodness. Only when I press my nose to my wrists do I catch the (very slightly) "bitter" amber. That note helps make it a little less like you just smeared Nutella all over yourself, hahaha. Wafts like food, huffs like a perfume.
  3. Here's hoping you can enjoy your day off. A power outage is the perfect excuse for smelly candles.
  4. Mmm, I'm going to have to hunt down Southern Lights and Latte at some point. They sound GORGEOUS.
  5. Take your time, of course! We'd rather have a healthy PM than quick updates.
  6. No way can I make a perfume purchase next month but can I just say that I LOVE this theme?? LOVE. And will read descriptions and reviews with desperate longing.
  7. Part two of my sale order, woooooo!! BOUGHT: March - June PE samples Stefanija FREEBIES: Marigold & Amaranth (I've had my eye on this one for so long!) Pumpkin Juice Cocktail Shrunken Heads Good sale season.
  8. That is a list I would definitely want to see! I am a student who lives vicariously through others haha
  9. Come on, baby. Lemme see that sale order. I'll show you mine if you show me yours... BOUGHT: Stephanie's Hazelnuts About Chocolate Inna's Gadda Da Vita Lady Victoria's Rose Cookies Honey Lavender (good timing, I'm using up my bottle QUICK) FREEBIES: Brigid's Amber Gianduja S'more Than a Feeling (Rose Cookies has been on Etsy for a while, but it looks like there's just one left now. If you've been sitting on the fence, now is your time!)
  10. House Elf to Mrs. Kravitz to Witch Hazel in less than two months! I'm well on my way to becoming a true addict...
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