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  1. Spent the weekend out of town with a busy social agenda, including a fun annual party hosted at a friend's house attended by about 30 people. Wore Excalibur (oil roll-on), a couple shots of Wanted Man to my torso and chest, and one shot of Topper in my hair. And I'm laughing at myself for having just publicly admitting that. I got two direct compliments about how good I smelled from women. With the exception of the direct compliments about my scent, it's hard to tell what to attribute the other hits to (pheromones, scent, or both). So I'll just list some of the things I noticed. Receiv
  2. Update: My wife loooooves Excalibur. I've been wearing it from my sample vial this week. I think it's a great winter scent and I'm enjoying the, what to me is, strong masculine projection. Every day I wear it I get close-in neck contact from my wife because she loves it so much. Yesterday she took a fist-full of my shirt, pulled close, huffed my neck and gave me kisses. Then asked me to please put *more* on. I said, "Now? Or are you asking me to just wear more in general?" She said, "Now; please put more on right now." So an all-around endorsement of this scent from my household. I
  3. Got a sample of this with some of the other new scents. My wife & I were doing smell tests this morning of each sample, sniffing fresh ground coffee in between to clear our pallets. One of us didn't put the lid back on Kingmaker very tightly and it all spilled out. So I used the puddle to for a one-time slathering. Really like it! It's a nice, classic, well-balanced, scent. I mean this in a good way, but this next statement will reveal my total lack of scent experience: It smells like a high-end 'mainstream' men's cologne. ::shrug:: That's the best I have for now. I'm down for a f
  4. Great suggestion - thanks, Snoopyace! Always appreciate cross-relational suggestions.
  5. Today is, among many other things, Excalibur test day! Wife's feedback Soon after application, before proper dry-down, she thought it smelled like fresh-cut celery. "Not in a bad way", she said. An hour later I did a drive-by smell request and she pulled me close, closed her eyes, smelled my neck and said, "Mmm. Now kiss me." So it's a keeper. My feedback On me, it's pretty green. Picking up some solid fresh-cut pine. I'm still learning my tastes, but I think this may be registering close to my maximum allowable green.
  6. Put a good 8 inches on this morning after my workout shower. 2" Each wrist and 2" each side of my neck. Covered with a small titch of Burberry London (very strong brew). My wife had been baking and making candy with our son all morning; they were having a blast. As she was cleaning up the kitchen, she said to me, jokingly, "Aren't I that most awesome Mom today?" I agreed that she was indeed. *Then* she said, "Maybe you and I can get together this afternoon and I can be the most awesome wife." This is why I come here.
  7. Just did the math; I'm averaging one shipping notice every three days for the past two weeks. Edit: A compulsive habit I'll be changing to conserve the resources of Love Potion shipping operations. I've been an Amazon Prime customer for too long...
  8. I've already memorized them (edit: Not really. I exaggerate for effect sometimes.). We need more men around here. But not less women. I may have missed some Hunter Trapper action - will look again. Thanks Halo.
  9. Just ordered a bottle of the unscented Hunter Trapper, which is the phero boost that comes in Thrill of the Chase. Did not realize it was even available. I key off of the reviews in the men's forums to learn about what is available; but there aren't yet reviews for Hunter Trapper so I missed it. And to keep this post pertinent to the thread: Will share experiences from Thrill of the Chase here once I've worn it in the wild.
  10. I passed on complimenting your post two days ago just because I didn't want to bump your Snoopyace avatar (the badge of a quality post) from the forum overview. However, I just read it again and found myself looking for a Like button. Great post (thanks for sharing)! And for me, perfectly timed as I have a new sample Thrill of the Chase and was looking for some field reports.
  11. Digging it! Super preliminary review: Just pulled Salute! out of the mail box and tried it on. A small dab of the oil to the top of my hand so I can sniff it every 5 min or so while I work from my home office. Been 30 minutes and I'm grooving on it; every sniff is a "yes!". This could be a go-to daytime scent for me. I'll post more once I've augmented myself with it amongst other humans. Edit: 30 min later I washed off my morning application of Super so I could do a full application of Salute (1 inch roll to each pulse point on my neck, 1" to each wrist). I want to roll the rest of
  12. Hi Mara. About two hours into my application of Pashazade (phero-enhanced with Heart Throb) sample and it's so far my all-time fave scent (not just from Love Potion, but from anywhere). Would like to request a comeback of Pashazade sans pheromones so I can bath in it daily.
  13. Enjoyed a great day yesterday while wearing Voracious. 1 spray to my chest and one to my neck after morning shower. The reason I'm here to write about it is that I noticed an exceptionally high number of positive, friendly, more talkative-than-usual interactions with people throughout the day. This is all anecdotal, of course, and could have been because it was a beautiful day and everyone, including me, was in a good mood. But in comparing past interactions with specific people to interactions we had yesterday, I noticed a significant uptick in friendly gestures. For example, I was s
  14. Oookay. Yeah, that's a big one and reason enough to cover up a bit. This made me laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and good humor, Eggers! I'm happy to be here.
  15. Just got this last week. Wearing this by itself, today. No cover. Two 1-inch dabs of the roll-on on each side of my neck after my morning workout and shower. One thing that surprises me - neither my wife or son noticed the scent. Everyone was running around getting ready for school and work, though, so that may be why. I can totally smell it any time I move around. I really like it - to me it smells like I have a 'real' cologne on, even though this is unscented. Had it on for about four hours, now, just working alone in home office. Really digging scent - I could wear this every day. I
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