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  1. Ahhh...this smells great in the bottle. Reminded me of A Touch Of Cerise. A festive, Christmasy punch! 😊 I like the combination! However, I put it on, got the initial fruity blast and it promptly disappeared. I put on more. Fruity blast that sadly didn’t last. Later, I got what I thought was red clover, but smelled sort of like tea to me. I had to really concentrate to get chocolate now realizing that cocoa is a soft, powdery note. Sadly, on my shirt the festive punch was intact.☹️ Why did it disappear on my skin???😭 I notice I’ve been having problems with amber
  2. On first application, I get lemony, strawberry soap. Now it’s drying down into what I can only describe as old-fashioned smelling, like I’m in an older house, circa 1800-1900’s, that’s nicely scented. Maybe I smell benzoin. It’s nice. On my shirt it smells like fresh lemon laundry. Once again, another scent smells better on my shirt than on me. ☹️ I think the title does match the scent! An old-fashioned non-scary ghost.
  3. SirenSong

    Soul Cakes

    This one didn’t really remind me of my Animal Crackers or my Scotchies. I didn’t really get any maple on this one. I did experience a new note — raisin. I wasn’t around for Totem Goat. I did find myself looking around for something to eat that tasted the way I smelled! I was even searching for Soul Cake recipes. Spicy, creamy yumness!!! That milk/butter/cream note gets me every single time!
  4. SirenSong

    Black Aggie

    Well, I thought this would be good. Smells good in the bottle, smells good on my shirt, but, my skin? Not so much. I have real problems with the fermented alcohols note—turns nasty on my skin. Nip Of Autumn does the same for me; I almost smell like natural gas. There was one recent scent with that same note in it that I didn’t have an issue with, but I don’t remember which one it was. It really is the combo and they are all different. But usually this is a disagreeable note for me. It also reminds me of some spicy Christmas Yankee Candle scent I can’t recall. Later I did g
  5. I love this name! I get spice and leaves and what I thought was crisp apple, but apparently that’s pumpkin or tobacco. There’s a little bit of sweetness there making it doable for a female. I prefer this to other fall leaves scents I have such as Nibble Me This or Lightning In A Bottle due to the sweetness on me. Maybe that’s the tobacco. Probably more a guy scent, but I like it for the fall vibe it’s giving me on this rainy day. Cozy! Will try it on my husband, too!
  6. This is the one I was actually most excited about! Saw the notes and thought it was finally the perfect campfire scent for me. It started out as a smoky sweetness smelling quite a bit like a campfire so much I swore I smelled “weenie” (as in roasting tasty treats over the fire that usually go in a bun). Maybe that was pumpkin. But I definitely got a small blast of chocolate upon application which quickly turned to campfire. Now I just smell like a marshmallow, a lovely vanilla marshmallow. I also have Apparition which smells like a marshmallow Spider Silk to me. This one is
  7. First one to try out of the sampler (of course). Wow! This is like LP Original with a fruity spin. Kind of like a candied fruit Original. This one helps bring the apricot forward on me. It’s a fruity LP Original on me. I did smell apple at first application, but mostly apricot and raspberry now. Because of that, I wouldn’t limit it to just a fall scent. I like to catergorize my scents by season. Makes for pleasant surprises when I bring out new scents each month. 😊 Hope it doesn’t fade away like LP Valentine did which I could never get to last. I imagine it may be like LP Carnival
  8. @Potion MasterColumbia is one of my husband’s favorites. Looking forward to getting LP Candied Apple. We both also like our bottle of Blue Smoke, so I’m glad to hear Blue Fyre is a variant of that one (which I thought it might be). Waiting for my sampler...
  9. The Halloween/Fall collections are my absolute favorites! Yay! Looking forward to a new sampler pack soon.
  10. SirenSong

    Pink Pearl

    We must have the same chemistry. Me, too!
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