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  1. This is the one I was actually most excited about! Saw the notes and thought it was finally the perfect campfire scent for me. It started out as a smoky sweetness smelling quite a bit like a campfire so much I swore I smelled “weenie” (as in roasting tasty treats over the fire that usually go in a bun). Maybe that was pumpkin. But I definitely got a small blast of chocolate upon application which quickly turned to campfire. Now I just smell like a marshmallow, a lovely vanilla marshmallow. I also have Apparition which smells like a marshmallow Spider Silk to me. This one is
  2. First one to try out of the sampler (of course). Wow! This is like LP Original with a fruity spin. Kind of like a candied fruit Original. This one helps bring the apricot forward on me. It’s a fruity LP Original on me. I did smell apple at first application, but mostly apricot and raspberry now. Because of that, I wouldn’t limit it to just a fall scent. I like to catergorize my scents by season. Makes for pleasant surprises when I bring out new scents each month. 😊 Hope it doesn’t fade away like LP Valentine did which I could never get to last. I imagine it may be like LP Carnival
  3. @Potion MasterColumbia is one of my husband’s favorites. Looking forward to getting LP Candied Apple. We both also like our bottle of Blue Smoke, so I’m glad to hear Blue Fyre is a variant of that one (which I thought it might be). Waiting for my sampler...
  4. The Halloween/Fall collections are my absolute favorites! Yay! Looking forward to a new sampler pack soon.
  5. SirenSong

    Pink Pearl

    We must have the same chemistry. Me, too!
  6. I was like — Really???? I’m not getting all of the titles then and was thinking that I need to start researching this all on the internet! 😄 The labels are gorgeous and I love the diversity! Did Mara say who did the artwork? Was it Mara?
  7. I’ve had this bottle for awhile. My husband and I are fans of the phero and I buy everything with Swimming With Sharks, but just got around to wearing it for real today. It fits the bill today — light, summery. This is strongly musk on me, the good kind. The sweet, light, basic musk I remember from my childhood (70’s). I thought this one would be on the masculine side, but I like the sweet musk. I don’t usually like the scents with Hedione as they are too aquatic or too floral and usually too pointy giving me a headache. I think this one will work out for me. I don’t know what musk sh
  8. Wow! This one grabs my attention! Just trying this one out today. Probably have to pick this one up. It’s fruity, but the honey is coming through. I am getting spicy ginger honey with a fruity undertone. It literally smells “warm”. Hard to describe the honey, it’s not dirty. It totally smells like edible honey — right out of the bear. 🧸 The honey keeps it from smelling too juvenile fruity. I have scents with honey and ginger, but love the addition of the fruits. Great combo!
  9. Order in already! I went to the website to see prices and it said SOLD OUT. And I thought “Already? How is that possible???? I refreshed and there were prices. I must have been there the same time she made them available. 😆 I just placed my order about half an hour ago.
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