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  1. Hi, Mara! Do you need me to resend my list? Beewitched has been rebrewed already??? It is something special. I am not a roses sort of girl, but, ooh, this one was good. Hope the rebrew is the same.
  2. Mara, I'm sorry and I know I have already sent for an invoice, but can I reserve the following: 1 FB Beewitched << REBREW 1 FB Infusion
  3. Please reserve: 1 spray Crystal Currents w/Audacious NOT IN SALE 1 spray Sogni Incantati w/Savage Beast Then I’ll be sending for an invoice. Thank you!!
  4. Please reserve: 1 FB Cowabunga Gazunga 1 FB Friendly Ghost 1 FB Soul Cakes 1 FB Weenie Roast w Alpha Nol 1 FB Conjurer 1 FB Cimaruta Horn Of Plenty 1 FB Cimaruta The Rooster
  5. Ahhh…it’s midnight on the East Coast, so tomorrow. 🥱
  6. SCREEEEEECHHHH!!! I just saw this responding to the stalking thread! And I’ve been checking most every day. Now to go back and digest these new creations!
  7. I would love something with cranberry! Your red pumpkin idea sounds good to me! Or am I thinking about a fall pomegranate?
  8. Hi, Kimi! I love the perfume named after you!
  9. I would love a rebrew of The Perfumed Whisker!
  10. Weenie wish! My BRIGID’S AMBER from 2011 is empty now. I would like another amber/apple/patch blend with spice and the touch of lemon.
  11. SCARLET LEAF! This one is from about 10 years ago! I just used my last bit. Somewhere in this forum or maybe Facebook, Mara had remarked that someone smelled incredible and they told her they were wearing Scarlet Leaf and she hadn’t remembered that she made that one! Pomegranate, cocoa absolute, patchouli…Time to bring this “Weenie” back!
  12. SirenSong


    Okay, I bought this one because Mara's on it, but the notes are perfect for summer and I love all the notes. But, I didn't have everyone else's experience because mine faded away (just like it did when I sampled it). At the beginning, I get bright pineapple which then melded into pineapple/orchid. Nice! I was instantly reminded of my Jardin Tropique. Then, I swear I got a boozy note that fluctuated between boozy and raspberry-like -- maybe I was reading too much into the label thinking of one of Mara's special drinkable potions she concocts. Raspberry is iffy on me. Later, my drydown was a very faint pineapple vanilla. Maybe I was cold, maybe I need to put more on, but it was not long-lasting on me. I had hoped the vanilla would have taken over in the drydown. It is a lovely, summery scent -- light, foody, sunny, tropical -- just didn't have staying power on me.
  13. Well, these were worth the wait!!! I’m one of your biggest ‘Weenies fans, but you have outdone yourself on this Summer collection! Ordering my sampler.... Most excited about Ash! Marshmallow! Summer nights meet Autumn. Yippee!!! And Rubylicious! Thank you for identifying everyone in the descriptions. Of course I’m buying Keyani......I have to!😁
  14. Is Mara, errr, Potion Master on Keyani? Can’t wait for notes!
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