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  1. The description "...a whisper of silken softness like the finest lingerie against your skin..." is perfect. It becomes quite sheer on me, subtle but unmistakably feminine and classically elegant.
  2. Fresh and outdoorsy for sure. I accidentally dropped my trial vial and it fell into the wastebasket; the drops that ended up in there have been making this area of the room smell like I live in a cabin in the forest and have all the windows wide open.
  3. Classic and sophisticated. The scent also really hung on to my skin; I applied this on my neck last night and little wisps of gardenia still wafted up to my nose this morning, more than 12 hours later.
  4. This smells like sliced apples and blue raspberry popsicles. Nice sweet scent for a July 4th BBQ.
  5. I had the same experience with this--the vanilla and cream retreat quite a bit, leaving the result to be coffee with cream. I get the cool vibe from the mint as well, which is a nice touch.
  6. Delicious. Mostly banana on me at first, with the cocoa butter underneath. Then the cocoa butter recedes and the banana softens a bit and the coconut comes out. A creamy yummy dessert-y concoction.
  7. I'm not the biggest licorice fan (scent or taste wise) but this works for me when the licorice softens. It gives an interesting bite to the yummy vanilla cream.
  8. I haven't tried the original PE so I can't make a comparison, but this is yummy. The passion fruit and apricot really come through, then the florals emerge several seconds later. I like the juiciness of this, and also the freshness of the green stems.
  9. I love clean scents in the summer time...I can pretend I'm not sweating The lemon and lavender play nicely together...the lemon is nice and bright and the lavender is present but not pointy. Dries down sniffably soft. I wish my linens actually smelled like this.
  10. I have come to really like Mega Watt and enjoy having another scented option with which to apply it. These particular florals are a bit too much for my preference, but I will still use up my sample for sure. There's a freshness that works nicely with Mega Watt.
  11. Ha, great hit. I love seeing men's body language change from the usual, plus when they occasionally realize what they're doing and have to run away or check themselves, hee hee.
  12. I adore the label for Blackcat's Sultry Kitten, lol!
  13. Gorgeous artwork...so intrigued by the names!
  14. I'm wearing this now w LAM Sandalwood, and I'm getting the cocoa butter more than before. Not sure if it's due to aging or maybe I just shook it up more (or not enough). Really great scent straddling the casual fun of summer and year-round elegance. (Am wearing at a classy yet casual wine bar.)
  15. I can't detect the mint on me; this is mostly apple with a hint of banana that I wouldn't have detected if I hadn't known it was there in advance. So on me it's basically a nice apple smell (which I like), and the freshness of it works with Mega Watt.
  16. I like pear in fragrances and this is the first LPMP scent I've tried with it. I really like this. It's juicy and sweet and is a great vehicle for Cougar.
  17. It's possible that it did help them tap extra into those feelings for you, but it freaked them out so they pulled away. I've had that experience with Gotcha before, including once with a man with a girlfriend (I wasn't trying to get with him, haha, but I know him)--there's some attraction on his part, and one night I was wearing this when a group of us were out (without his gf) and we had an extra open conversation that was great in that it was more personal and candid, but I think he freaked out a bit about how comfortable he got. The next few times I saw him, he still chatted with me but kept an obvious physical distance that was unusual for him. Over time, he relaxed a bit and was willing to stand closer to me again.
  18. Thanks, StacyK--I'll consider Treasured Hearts. Without getting into detail, I do not have fun with this particular group of relatives; it's very awkward and complicated and I won't have anyone I can comfortably talk to, let alone have fun with. People also tend to just let her act out and dominate everyone. So my only goal is to keep her off my back.
  19. I'm thinking of wearing this to a family event in a few weeks where I'll see an obnoxious cousin who always tries to be the "dominant" person in the room. I worry though that this would antagonize her rather than get her off my back. Am I better off with, say, Swimming with Sharks for respect that doesn't feel alpha in an in-your-face way?
  20. I have my hands on this now. There's a very sniffable freshness to this; it's so pretty. Makes me feel so feminine and enchanting
  21. After the initial almond blast, this dries down on my skin to make OCCO White with a berry sheen on top. Nice.
  22. I get a hint of tobacco too when I put my nose close to the application spot. It's always so interesting how different notes can interact to give the impression that something is in there that isn't.
  23. I'm still not good at describing scents, but it's not spicy and the overall PE isn't sweet. I think that and the cedarwood keep it from being feminine.
  24. Witty Kitty


    Me too, sort of, although my skin is giving this more of a musty-smelling undertone that feels at odds with the peppermint and the overall "cool" feeling this is supposed to have.
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