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  1. Awesome Billie.Jo94!!! Its funny, I kept waking up to my Other half sniffing my neck where I had applied it. Looonnngggg deep inhales of my neck while he slept, all night lol.
  2. I've been meaning to review this one for awhile now, somehow I always end up side tracked with other threads I come across while searching... Lol, I swear reading the forums is an addiction by itself. The description alone sold me so when my order arrived this baby was the first to go on, unsniffed and all. Immediately I fell in love. I felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of scent greatness. I couldn't help but to keep sniffing myself all night! My other half wasn't around for this trial but I think it made me attracted to MYSELF!!! I couldn't get enough of me lmao! I've worn this many times since, sometimes with pheros and other scents and I've never been disappointed. Sometimes a different note is more obvious to my nose making it slightly different than the last time I wore it..but when/if that does occur its somehow even more perfect!!! I think I might need a second job to support my new addiction!!! ??? And thank you ladies for all the advice and information you post, it has helped me tremendously through my LPMP journey.
  3. This one wet has more of a gorgeous musky sugar scent on me, then dries down to a beautiful lightly sugared fruit smell. I'm not very well versed yet with all the scent notes I'm experiencing, all in due time ? but I can definitely smell the orange and blossoms and I LOVE it!! I have fabulous selfies with this too!! Super great mood and felt very confident. I had a very sparkly pretty vibe all day. People around me were all very friendly and chatty, which I love to have happy friendly customers at work!! Definitely a 5 star rating from me!!!
  4. Thank you! I really appreciate you ladies helping out!! Super excited!
  5. Thank you! That helps give me a place to start...I will keep you posted on how it turns out ?
  6. By more dominant, something with cops? I've been testing from my samples and haven't quite found it yet,the phero and/or my sweet spot with him "wanting" me after he's been in contact with my glorious scent lol. Having said that, the sex while wearing a couple was definitely more intense Still trying to find one that will have him pawing at me. I'm ordering a bunch of new samples, and suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hello ladies! I'm a total newbie here, received my first order a week ago...after hours and hours of reading the forums I went with the woman's sampler, as highly suggested by so many, thank you. I've been meaning to write my review of Sneaky Clean w/SS4W after my first usage, but I always end up reading and reading in the forums! That is an addiction in itself! So having read it was work friendly, that's where I began with my samples of goodies! I wasnt surprised that I LOVED the scent ( I normally hate anything floral or clean smelling on my skin) having read by so many that this seems to be a comman experience, liking/loving LP scents I normally would stay away from. It smelled fantastic on me! Of course I was petrified I was accidentally in OD land being this was my first application but hey I smelled fabulous!!! At first I was in contact with my everyday coworkers, all seemed in a good mood, but that's not far from the norm...then as the customers started rolling in , I'm a server at very busy hotel, there was no mistaken it...they were all smiles and full of compliments on how sweet I was. I had 2 separate couples hug me when they were leaving!! And the tips I got were definitely better than usual. The women had this huge smile with a starry eyed look on them while talking to me and the men were very sweet as well. Ok so while I have some nice customers, this was way out of the norm...I loved it! As for selfies, not sure, I can say that overall I was in a better mood. As for how it affected my SO...I'll have to give that another shot, nothing from his end... Will be posting more reviews of my fabulous journey into the world of phero addiction!
  8. OMG! Im so excited!!! I'm new to posting, but can't control how excited I am to try some of these!!!
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