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  1. I am excited for a comparison with the old formula.
  2. information about fall/halloween release soon?
  3. Nice, because I actually prefer it to the new one.
  4. I understand. (You see, I am A SUCKER for Chypre and old fashioned perfume and have spend a lot of money tracking up the olfactory monsters from the past). Yes, please.
  5. And I appreciate that. Not really.
  6. And as a great admirer of Donna Karans Black Cashmere & Chaos (now OOP) I would also love a more oriental OCCO with some insence and warm dry spice too.
  7. An OCCO fougere would be a dream come true, actually. Something unisex with Sage, Rosemary, basil and cumin to add to the dirtyness of the leather, perhaps...
  8. How about a green occo, something with an old fashioned leather note?
  9. I am now talking about the perfume oil. This is both sexy and neutral for office. The autumnally melancholy of this scent is saved by the fig, so it is sweet enough for spring/summer. Do no mistakes, this is an oil factory amber master piece in oil version. It is very long lasting on me, the amber and the fig playes very well together since the fig adds just a little sweetness, my bottles tells about some green and some smokyness too, but that can be different from batch to batch.
  10. This is my favorite cops perfume. Why? Because it is not the ordinary foody/vanilla perfume, it is green banana, on me, but non sweet, and I love it.
  11. This one is intoxicating. One me it is smokey rose and iris to begin with and then some sweet muskyness that comes in the dry down. This is not girly, this is a womans perfume, on me it isn't overpowering, but just a little different from what I usually wear. LFM is perfect for this scent.
  12. I have three of the blends of the French Collection and I dare to say Mara outdid herself. The sublimeness of this collection is illustrious (can you actually say a scent is illustrious? A none native talker of Englishe wants to know). Tojours Belle is the most "collected" amber I have in my collection, fits in both office and at the bar. This scent needs to be a regular! Coquin is an exciting non sweet banane scent with cops, something I did not think was possible and I believe the entire board know the smoky flowery scent of Bonflower now... If not, then they need to purchase it while it is there still. So what do I do? I pray the Blossom Almondine is available when I get out of my dentists door Wednesday afternoon and might have some money left. Congratulations of this distinguished collection, Mara. ❤️
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